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Aya Nabil

Aya Nabil

Data Analyst

Faculty of computers and data science | Egypt


My Portfolio Highlights

My New Workbook

Competition - HR Analytics in Tableau

My New Project

Dr. Semmelweis and the Discovery of Handwashing

My New Course

Exploratory Data Analysis in Python

Data enthusiast, embracing the beauty of numbers and algorithms.

My Work

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Data Manipulation with pandas


Introduction to Python


Intermediate Python

My Certifications

These are the industry credentials that I’ve earned.

Other Certificates

Google Google data analytics certificate

IBM Data science

DataCamp Course Completion

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My Work Experience

Where I've interned and worked during my career.

Alexandria University | Jul 2023 - Present

IoT Intern

Applications." The main objective of the training is to work on a project that utilizes multiple sensors and actuators to create a system capable of monitoring and controlling a specific industry. Some well-known examples of such IoT systems include Smart Home, Smart Cities, AgriTech Applications, Climate Monitoring Applications, and Smart services like smart garage or smart supermarket.
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Omdena | Feb 2023 - Present

Local chapters leader for Egypt


Omdena | Nov 2022 - Jun 2023

Data scientist

We use our data to better understand the disconnect between skills and jobs in Africa, a particularly digital skill.

SureStart | Nov 2022 - Dec 2022

AI Intern

Ai internship which covers all the aspects of Ai, neural networks, virtual robots.

EgSA-Egyptian Space Agency | Aug 2022 - Sep 2022


General knowledge about space and deep knowledge about satellites, and how to use artificial intelligence, and embedded systems to launch satellites. We use machine learning in building networks that help us to supervise the satellites and use data science to creat models about the photos and scenes that are gathered by the satellite which help us to make prediction and decision making.

My Education

Take a look at my formal education

Bachelor's degree, computing and data scienceAlexandria University | 2025

About Me

Aya Nabil

Data-driven professional with three years of experience in data analytics, statistics, and machine learning models. Demonstrated expertise in successfully executing multiple projects in the data sector, proficiently utilizing a range of tools.

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