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Waleed Mouhammed

Waleed Mouhammed

Senior Business / Data Analyst

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ZAnalytics for Data Services | Jul 2022 - Present

Data Analysis Professional Trainer

Through the last 13 years of work in the manufacturing operations field, I gained and applied many data-related skills, and finally, I crowned these skills by working as a data analysis instructor to share my accumulated and gained knowledge and skills with others. I worked as a maintenance engineer, maintenance planner, and manager with the main responsibility of analyzing the maintenance function performance, specifying the performance metrics, measuring these metrics, identifying the opportunities for improvement, setting the action plan to turn around the function performance, implementing the plan, reassessing the performance to realign the plan. This experience is the backbone of my current data analytics- based mentality that helps me apply the same concepts to many different businesses.
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ZAanalytics for Data Services | Jan 2022 - Present



Moatabar Group (Al-Gamal Mills) | Sep 2021 - Present

Senior Business Performance Analyst


Modern Bakeries Egypt | May 2019 - Aug 2021

Engineering Manager

1. Ensured application of health, safety, and environment policies. Managed to pass all external audits with the highest grade (BRC – ISO – Yummy – Food Safety). 2. Shared the business objective and cascaded it all the way down to the front line. 3. Constructed the most appropriate KPIs for the engineering function to ensure the achievement of business objectives as planned on time with the required quality. 4. Created about 75% of the preventive maintenance plan for the whole plant with an implementation compliance rate about 90%. 5. Conducted a detailed risk assessment for the whole machines as per the likelihood and the severity of the risk for each machine. Identified which machine needs to be served first and which should be postponed. 6. Created the CAPEX plan for the whole year / 2020 in a timely manner – before the beginning of the year – with the fastest payback and the highest ROI for each project. Planned the budget phasing for the whole CAPEXs and managed to implement each project with the highest standards of work quality. 7. Managed to improve the line technical efficiency of two out of three production lines by 69% in just 3 months. 8. Created a digital library including many standard maintenance activities such as bearing replacement, shaft dismantling, and other standard activities. This library considered as a guidance for any new human asset in the engineering team to use to reduce the quality of work variability. 9. Managed to re-describe 100% of the inventory spare parts to be ready for migrating the old oracle system to the new one. 10. Managed to comply with the planned cost as per the annual operation plan for the company. 11. I managed with the team to design, install, commission, and startup three production lines of one of the new products to allow the company to launch the new product on time with the required quality in the most cost-efficient manner.

Dakahlia Poultry | Jan 2018 - May 2019

Maintenance Manager

1. Built the engineering function’s team from scratch by selecting, on boarding, training, and leading the whole team. 2. Managed to finish the commissioning and start up phase of the project – 3,000 tons of daily production of poultry feed plant. 3. Constructed the most appropriate KPIs for the engineering function to ensure the achievement of business objectives as planned on time with the required quality. 4. Developed and implemented maintenance standard operating procedures to ensure the most efficient and effective machine maintenance operations. 5. Created a policy for spare parts consumption to achieve optimum cost without storing spare parts for long intervals. 6. Created all maintenance operations processes including the planned and unplanned maintenance activities. 7. Ensured application of health, safety, and environment policies.

WADI Group | May 2017 - Dec 2017

Acting Maintenance Manager

1. Decreased the machine failure rate by 18% within 8 months. 2. Increased the planned maintenance activities for the whole plant by 35%. 3. Managed to comply with the OPEX plan during the 8 months of leading the maintenance activities. 4. Lunched the maintenance planning tool to ensure the proper follow up for the planned maintenance activities. 5. Ensured application of health, safety, and environment policies.

WADI Group | Jan 2014 - May 2017

Maintenance Planner & Maintenance Section Head Assistant

1. Verified the process flow diagram, P&ID drawings for the whole factory. 2. Created an equipment list & cost centers list for whole machines. 3. Created the fixed time maintenance plan for every single equipment in the factory - including the fixed time routine check and fixed time preventive maintenance. 4. Planned for equipments periodic overhauls. 5. Planned for the major plant shutdowns. 6. Monitored the KPIs set by the maintenance manager and gave my own recommendations to fine tune the whole team performance. 7. Controlled the maintenance cost through monitoring every cost center's budget, and actual cost spent during a specific period. 8. Monitored the maintenance cost daily and gave my own recommendations to the maintenance manager to make the proper decision regarding being complied with the budget plant.

WADI Group | Jun 2012 - Dec 2013

Electrical Maintenance Section Head

1. Reduced the electrical energy cost by 36% by leading two energy saving projects with high ROI and low payback rates. 2. Managed to implement a preventive maintenance plan for all electrical equipments which caused an improvement of 26% of electrical equipments reliability. 3. Managed to reduce the rate of electrical motor’s burn out by more than 85% which caused more available time to produce and less repair cost. 4. Conducted an Electric Motor Tracking System for tracking every single electric motor in the factory to monitor its performance and finding out each improvement opportunity.

WADI Group | Apr 2010 - May 2012

Electrical Engineer

its safe and proper operation. 2. Managed to improve the technicians’ technical knowledge by training them on the electrical energy aspects.

My Education

Take a look at my formal education

Master of Business Administration - MBA, Business Administration and Management, General in Digital MarketingUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | 2024
Bachelor’s Degree, Electrical EngineeringKafr El-Sheikh University - Faculity of Engineering | 2009

About Me

Waleed Mouhammed

Passionate data nerd analyzing data from 6 years ago in three different industries. My current role is senior business / data analyst responsible for investigating all business functions to identify improvement opportunities. Data is my hand!

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