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Giuzel Akhmetzianova

Giuzel Akhmetzianova

Data analyst

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Analyzing unicorn company data

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Analyzing unicorn company data

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Creative Fabrica | Oct 2022 - Present

Data Analyst


FG BCS | Jun 2021 - Sep 2022

Product Analyst

Our product team was working on improving the product in order to increase revenue. My role was to provide insights, test hypotheses and create useful dashboards. SQL, Tableau, CustDev, Cohort Analysis, ABC Analysis. - Customer churn reduction project. Conducted quantitative and qualitative analysis of users' behaviour in order to understand the reasons for churn (more than 50 interviews with customers and managers). As a result, we implemented a predictive model to prevent the loss of clients. - Conducting and analyzing JTBD interviews to suggest product features. For example, we changed the onboarding process. - Hypothesis testing (usually 1 in 2-3 weeks). For example, the brokerage commission will increase, if we change the subscription plan. Or there is a segment of users that will stay with us if we add service x. - Owning Tableau dashboards. - Comminating data with colleagues. - Ad hoc requests.
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Giuzel Akhmetzianova

I have 2+ years of experience as a product and marketing analyst, as well as 5+ years as a digital marketer in e-com. I am experienced in defining key metrics and producing dashboards to monitor them (Tableau, Metabase), analyzing users' behaviour.

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