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Hamidreza Hajimirza

Hamidreza Hajimirza


Data Analyst

Asan Pardakht


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Introduction to SQL

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Data Analyst

Quantitative detective, solving mysteries and uncovering truths in data.

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Exploring Astronaut Activities in SQL - Solution


Create a Sankey Diagram


Live Training - Time Series Analysis in Python (Solution)

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SQL Associate

SQL Associate

Data Analyst Professional

Data Analyst Professional

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Asan Pardakht | Jan 2021 - Present

Data Analyst

• Engaged in rigorous statistical analysis, taking the helm in model development to extract invaluable insights from our datasets. • Established and enforced robust data quality standards, encompassing thorough checks and validation procedures. • Crafted robust data integration solutions by seamlessly combining ELT and ETL approaches, all the while guaranteeing data integrity and uninterrupted accessibility • Spearheaded the design and execution of data pipelines, automating data ingestion and processing to enhance operational efficiency. • Led the creation of data dashboards using Apache Superset, overseeing dashboard design and establishing data infrastructure through the Data Warehouse. Ensured that visualizations provided informative insights while maintaining user-friendliness. • Collaborated extensively with cross-functional teams to discern their unique data requirements and strategically prioritize analysis projects. • Managed the design and maintenance of diverse data marts, applying best practices in data warehousing and database management. - KPIs: LTV, churn rate, revenue per order, ROI of marketing campaigns, conversion rate and click through rate, product cross ownership, market share, market size, market growth
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INBEET | Aug 2018 - Jan 2019

Finance Analyst

• Assisted senior analysts in implementing financial charts using machine learning algorithms, gaining exposure to the latest trends. • Engaged in problem-solving activities and identified opportunities to apply data science in the field of finance.

My Education

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Master's degree, Engineering/Industrial ManagementUniversity of Tehran | 2018
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Engineering/Industrial ManagementShahid Beheshti University | 2015

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