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Juan Sebastian Ramírez

Juan Sebastian Ramírez

Data Science Intern

Habi (Unicorn)


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Working with Dates and Times in Python


A Visual History of Nobel Prize Winners


Analyzing Police Activity with pandas

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Habi (Unicorn) | Jul 2023 - Present

Data Science Intern

As part of the Habimetro team I had the opportunity to work on multiple projects that helped increasing the value of the product for our users. Throughout the internship I learned that everything I designed and built had to be supported by real statistics and measurements. - Complex data joining: I designed and built an algorithm that allows to join complex property datasets without the need of having an id between them. So far it has benefited around a third of the Habimetro data and opened lots of new possibilities for the product. - Anomaly detection for properties: I researched and implemented different Machine Learning models with the objective of finding anomalies in the Habimetro data. - Habimetro for brokers: As my first project I had to create multiple dashboards with the goal of giving Habi brokers insights of the properties they sell compared to others in the area. I built this project with advanced SQL and Looker Studio.
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Universidad de los Andes - Colombia | Jan 2023 - Present

UI & UX Designer and Data engineer

As part of my thesis project I had to design and create the Clinical History Software of my university. This project was mainly done by by an 8 people team composed by students only. The medical center of the university is quite complex as it has branches such as psychology, infirmary, sports, etc. My job was to understand all the requirements that the doctors had and create both the design of the software and the design of the database in an intuitive and pragmatical way. After I already obtained a perfect grade at the thesis I continued working on the software, as I believe it will help thousands of people at my university.

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Systems and Computer Engineering Bachelor in MajorLos Andes University | 2024

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Juan Sebastian Ramírez

BCS | Data Science Intern | ML | AI | Python | SQL | Power BI

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