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Bin Li

Bin Li

Master Student

Tilburg University


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Global Association of Risk Professionals Financial Risk Manager

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Dingshenghechuang Investment Management Co. Ltd.

Risk Manager

• Established a standardized due diligence process, organized investment managers and finance managers to complete due diligence, monitored the quality of due diligence reports and evaluated the investment potential of various projects • Took responsible for post-investment management of 19 funds with a total fund size of over RMB300 (€ 40) million, including fund NAV changes, regular information disclosure, voting at project shareholders' meetings, fund exits, etc. • Applied Notion to build an independent corporate collaboration platform based on the fund, investor and project repositories, organized business leaders to write a corporate wiki to clarify and standardize the company's business processes and compiled practice guidance for each business process • Engaged in the phase-out of a semiconductor project, including the arrangement for the reduction of holdings, distribution of profits and tax refund arrangement, with an IRR exceeding 270% • Built the company's official website based on MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, and Node) stack and deployed a scripting tool to automate the generation of standard documents in the administration backend to improve work efficiency, shortening the duration of repetitive work from 3 hours to 10 minutes
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Dingshenghechuang Investment Management Co. Ltd.

Investment Analyst

• Obtained data from the Wind Financial Data Terminal for the proposed investment project, screened comparable companies of A-share, US-share and Hong Kong-share to make comparative valuation analyses, and applied discounted free cash flow to assess the current valuation level of the project entity • Evaluated the cash flow situation, revenue quality and profit level of project entities based on the financial statements • Built financial models to forecast future net cash flow and conducted sensitivity analyses on valuation, IRR, MOIC and other indicators based on optimistic, pessimistic and neutral scenarios • Involved in the commercial and financial due diligence for companies in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries as well as government-led industrial funds

Dingshenghechuang Investment Management Co. Ltd.

Investment Associate

• Participated in the industry research for 3 semiconductor startups and analyzed the market size, competition landscape and profitability based on public data and expert interviews • Assisted the investment manager in due diligence and compiled due diligence reports • Supported the construction of single-shop models for proposed investment projects and performed cash flow forecasting and analysis

My Education

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Master in Data Science and SocietyTilburg University | 2025
Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA, Business Administration and Management, GeneralSouthwest University of Science and Technology | 2016

About Me

Bin Li

Connector between finance, risk and technology. Certified Finanicial Risk Manager | Open-source Contributor

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