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Algorithm aficionado, dancing with equations in the realm of possibilities.

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Analyzing Motorcycle Part Sales


Analyze International Debt Statistics


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My Certifications

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Other Certificates

LinkedIn Machine Learning and AI Foundations

LinkedIn The Data Science of Sports Management

LinkedIn PostgreSQL Essential Training

Mimo SQL

Mimo Python

University of Texas at Austin Data Science and Data Management Systems

LinkedIn Power BI Essential Training

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My Work Experience

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MS Analytics at Texas A&M University | Aug 2023 - Present

Graduate Student


Texas Department of Family and Protective Services | Jul 2020 - Present

Accountant V Cash Management/Reconciliation

• Applied analytical skills to reconcile financial discrepancies through detailed analysis of account information, ensuring accurate financial records. • Utilized strategic financial analysis techniques to monitor and evaluate customer account relationships, identifying opportunities for optimization and growth. • Demonstrated a strong understanding of federal and state legal requirements, ensuring compliance in financial processes and operations. • Leveraged excellent time management and project management skills to effectively oversee and manage projects, delivering high-quality results from inception to completion. • Led the design, regulation, and daily management of principal projects, demonstrating the ability to navigate complex challenges and ensure success • Used SQL skills to play a pivotal role in transforming raw data into valuable business intelligence.
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Texas Department of Family and Protective Services | Nov 2019 - Jul 2020

Accountant IV Cash management/Reconciliation

• Utilized data analysis techniques to generate reports, conduct ad-hoc analyses, and develop annual operating plan budgets, enabling data-driven decision making. • Prepared monthly cash forecasts and revenue forecasts, leveraging data analysis skills to provide accurate financial projections. • Generated comprehensive financial statements, including cash flow charts and balance sheets, employing data visualization techniques for clear and concise communication. • Developed analysis and performance reports for management teams, highlighting key financial metrics and insights to support strategic decision making. • Provided ongoing accounting services on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, utilizing data-driven approaches for accurate financial recording and reporting.

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services | Jul 2019 - Nov 2019

Accoutant IV Cost Allocation

• Skillfully analyze and respond to audit requests from State vendors, a pivotal role within the Cost Allocation team, leveraging data-driven insights. • Monthly and quarterly, meticulously craft concise grant reports for CCDF & TANF, translating complex data into actionable narratives. • Navigate seamlessly through intricate automated accounting systems, employing a data-centric approach to enhance financial efficiency. • Innovatively design MOE journals, employing data analysis to proactively prevent deductions from federal TANF grants. • Orchestrating the coordination of the Reallocation process for DFPS, utilizing data-backed strategies to optimize outcomes. • Apply robust analytical techniques to evaluate state funds, synthesizing data into insightful reports that detail quarterly expenditures.

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services | Feb 2019 - Jul 2019

Accoutant II Accounts Payable

• Meticulously prepared, processed, and audited accounting and financial documents, ensuring precision and alignment with departmental protocols and state/federal regulations. • Swiftly addressed customer inquiries, utilizing both verbal and written communication to provide expert insights into payment status and related concerns. • Skillfully conducted research to identify and rectify discrepancies in accounts, offering comprehensive reconciliation reports to stakeholders. • Instrumental in supporting the agency payment helpline and delivering widespread administrative assistance across the state. • Employed data-driven analysis to evaluate procedure efficacy, providing insightful recommendations for streamlined alternatives to enhance operational efficiency.

ANM Consulting | Jun 2018 - Feb 2019


• Proficiently crafted reports using core reporting technologies, notably Nvision, to address diverse statutory and business requirements effectively. • Created multiple SQR reports within Peoplesoft, fulfilling client requests for archival purposes and data preservation. • Actively engaged in functional discussions with customers, providing valuable insights to help shape and refine their requirements within the Peoplesoft/SAP framework. • Methodically executed and assessed a range of tests to validate processes, collaborating seamlessly with cross-functional teams and end-users for comprehensive validation

Rev.com | Jul 2017 - Jun 2018

Sales Development Representative

• Applied consultative selling techniques to discern potential opportunities, aligning solutions effectively. • Leveraged Outreach.io to orchestrate targeted marketing email campaigns directed at diverse leads sourced from the Salesforce.com Database. • Diligently assessed and screened prospective clients, ensuring seamless handoff to Sales • Representatives for optimal engagement. • Exercised data cleaning expertise within Salesforce, verifying and rectifying client information to enhance accuracy and to refine market segmentation. • Provided comprehensive customer support by addressing inquiries regarding product details, pricing, and anticipated delivery timelines. • Expertly communicated the value proposition of products/services, cultivating customer curiosity and engagement. • Skillfully utilized networking platforms to establish robust relationships, fostering both business referrals and partnerships

Rev.com | Jul 2017 - Jan 2018

Sales Representative

• Leveraged data-driven insights to identify potential opportunities, utilizing lead qualification data to strategically convert them into loyal, recurring clients. • Analyzed customer inquiries and complaints related to products, pricing, service, and file delivery, extracting patterns to drive product and service improvements while enhancing overall customer experience. • Employed data-informed communication strategies to effectively convey the data-driven benefits of products/services, aligning them with customer preferences and generating heightened interest. • Developed data-backed follow-up protocols, adjusting frequency based on specific customer use cases, and analyzing response data to optimize engagement timing for Rev’s services. • Analyzed data to quantify the impact of established customer relationships, identifying trends that lead to business referrals, thus informing relationship- building strategies. • Utilized data management platform Ebsta to organize and synthesize specific client information, improving data accessibility, and facilitating tailored interactions based on historical engagement. • Leveraged data analytics to identify key factors contributing to the closure of multiple high-value deals, enabling the extraction of best practices and informed strategies for future exceptional customer service experiences.

My Education

Take a look at my formal education

Master of Science - MS, AnalyticsMays Business School - Texas A&M University | 2025
Certification DSDM PGPDMS-Online-International program | 2023
Bachelor’s Degree, Business/Commerce, GeneralSouthwestern University | 2017

About Me

Julian Quintero

I am proficient in Python, SQL, data manipulation, feature engineering, and model development, and I have a strong track record of extracting insights and enabling data-driven decision making.

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