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Lawal Olanrewaju Israel

Lawal Olanrewaju Israel

Data Science Network, Nigeria

Data Science Network, Nigeria | Nigeria


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AI aficionado, dancing with algorithms in the realm of possibilities.

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Introduction to SQL


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Introduction to Python

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Data Science Network AI for Absolute Beginners Program Certificate of Completion

Omdena Machine Learning Engineers Certificate of Completion (Using Computer Vision to Detect Illegal Sea Immigration)

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Data Science Network, Nigeria | Mar 2022 - Present


• I collaborate with experienced professionals in data science on various research projects, gaining invaluable experience in cutting-edge data science techniques and technologies. • I contributes significantly to several data-driven research projects, including developing machine learning models for reproductive and sexual health interventions and optimizing traffic management to enhance road safety in Lagos. • I acquire hands-on experience in data cleaning and preprocessing, model development, and data visualization, as well as utilizing natural language processing and computer vision techniques. • I conduct exploratory data analysis to identify and uncover hidden patterns and trends in large, complex datasets, leading to improved insights and more accurate models.
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OMDENA AI ENGINEERS | Aug 2021 - Present


• Assist in the design, development, and implementation of machine learning models and algorithms • Collaborate with data scientists to identify data sources and build data pipelines • Conduct exploratory data analysis to identify trends and patterns • Test and evaluate machine learning models using statistical and machine learning techniques • Collaborated in the Omdena-AcuaOcean Challenge to build multiple Machine Learning and Computer vision algorithms to accurately detect, localize and classify various ships at the sea along with extracting Information about each ship.

My Education

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Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering University of Lagos, Akoka | 2021

About Me

Lawal Olanrewaju Israel

A highly skilled and motivated Data Scientist with experience in applying cutting-edge data science techniques and technologies to solve real-world problems

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