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Spoonful of comfort


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Data Scientist Associate

Dynamic Data Scientist and Data Engineer with deep experience in applying advanced statistical and computational methods to derive actionable insights.

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Detect Outliers in a Dataset


Project: Evaluate a Manufacturing Process


Dr. Semmelweis and the Discovery of Handwashing


Data Scientist Associate

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Data Scientist Associate

Data Scientist Associate

Data Literacy

Data Literacy

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Google Foundations: Data , Data , Everywhere

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Spoonful of comfort | Mar 2021 - Present

Data Analyst

• Product Price Testing: Tasked with evaluating the impact of a price increase on cookie packages, I set up a test and used bootstrap sampling , using Python and Numpy, to analyze conversion and bounce rates. The analysis revealed that the price increase did not affect conversion rates, indicating customer willingness to pay more, resulting in improved profit margins on all cookie packages. • Purchase Intent Classification: Faced with the issue of 1/3 of purchases being occasion-neutral, I was tasked with classifying these neutral products into specific occasions using customer notes. I employed a support vector machine model, achieving an 85% accuracy rate. This allowed us to gain insights into previously unclear purchase events and adjust product availability and demand more effectively. • Entry Product Retention: Tasked with increasing retention and revenue, I identified the best entry products for new customers over a 2-year period. Using SQL, Pandas, and Numpy, I created first purchase cohorts and retention decay curves. The analysis showed that non-perishable items had the lowest retention, while soups and products for planned events had the highest retention rates, enabling the company to better target and optimize product offerings for new customers. • Looker Studio Expertise: Created dashboards that visualize key performance metrics like add-on rates, add-on conversions, add-on revenue, and isolated slow-moving addons. Also designed dashboards blending data from Google Analytics and BigQuery for a 360-degree view of performance metrics. • Multi-dimensional Analytics: Built specialized dashboards for Average Order Value (AOV), overall revenue, 12-month run rate of revenue, and ad spend, offering multiple filter dimensions like corporate vs. DTC and new vs. returning customers. • E-commerce Analytics: Identified potential corporate orders to segregate them from DTC online storefront activities, providing actionable insights for targeted marketing strategies.
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Harmon Brothers Consulting | Jul 2020 - Present

Data Analyst

Analytics Dashboards: Pioneered the development and upkeep of dynamic analytics dashboards using state-of-the-art tools, offering real-time, pinpoint insights for key decision-makers. Data Preparation: Employed meticulous data extraction and cleansing methods on diverse sources like Facebook, Ecommerce platforms, and Google Ads, guaranteeing unparalleled data precision. Business Analytics: Crafted exhaustive analytic reviews on pivotal metrics such as Lifetime Customer Value, Email Attribution, and Financial Proforma, fostering data-driven decision-making and fueling business expansion. Advanced Data Exploration: Utilized sophisticated R programming methodologies for profound data scrutiny, unveiling critical marketing insights and charting the course for result-oriented marketing initiatives. Excel Reporting: Generated myriad Excel templates for efficient data aggregation and presentation, empowering stakeholders with immediate access to crucial metrics, influencing resource distribution decisions. Statistical Collaboration: Orchestrated a seamless blend of statistical analysis, design, and information dissemination, synergizing with diverse teams to exceed business objectives and benchmarks.

Harmons Grocery | Mar 2016 - Jun 2020


Data-Driven Decision Making: Managed a thriving $2.5-million business, directing daily operations for optimal profitability. Expertly wielded Domo Data Analytics to elevate gross profit margins from 23.5% to 28.5%, testifying to my ability to harness data for pivotal business decisions. Sales Forecasting & Inventory Modeling: Demonstrated proficiency in data science by employing Excel for sales predictions and inventory quantification, underscoring my acumen in leveraging software tools to fine-tune business outputs. Data-Informed Team Management: Assessed employees' skill sets using data-driven evaluations, allotting responsibilities based on their proficiency and training. This strategic approach ensured personnel flourished in their capacities, amplifying business success. Adaptive Scheduling & Optimization: Agilely adapted role allocations and timetables, harmonizing dynamic business requirements with process efficiencies, staff expertise, and client expectations.

Vivint | Jan 2013 - Mar 2016


System Verification through Data Analysis: Assisted installers in validating system connections, employing a rigorous analytical approach to ensure optimal functionality. Customer Tech Support & Data Diagnostics: Addressed customer technical issues related to their security systems, leveraging diagnostic analytics to pinpoint and address the root cause of disruptions. Advanced Troubleshooting: Employed data-driven methodologies to identify and rectify system and software anomalies, highlighting my proficiency in problem-solving using analytical tools. Usability & Functionality Enhancement: Systematically investigated and remedied system challenges, utilizing data analytics to optimize user experience and enhance overall system performance.

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Associates of Science in Mathematics Utah Valley University | 2014

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michael stroud

Data Scientist with 6+ yrs expertise in statistics & machine learning. Skilled in Python, big data tech & cloud platforms. Bridges gap between data insights & strategic actions

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