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Muhammad Abid

Muhammad Abid


Coding Educator

Indonesian University Of Education | Indonesia


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My New Project

Exploring NYC Public School Test Result Scores

My New Project

Hypothesis Testing with Men's and Women's Soccer Matches

My New Course

Supervised Learning with scikit-learn

Algorithmic artist, painting vibrant pictures with lines of code.

My Work

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Project: Analyzing Unicorn Companies


Project: Clustering Antarctic Penguin Species


Object-Oriented Programming in Python


Project: Exploring Airbnb Market Trends


Project: Investigating Netflix Movies


The GitHub History of the Scala Language

My Certifications

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Data Analyst Associate

Data Analyst Associate

Data Scientist Associate

Data Scientist Associate

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My Work Experience

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BrightCHAMPS | Dec 2022 - Present

Coding Teacher

- Taught a variety of coding and technology skills to students in grades 1-12 as part of an international startup company. - Designed and delivered customized lesson plans that catered to the individual learning styles and needs of each student. - Taught a diverse range of projects, including Scratch (game and basic coding development), Thunkable (app development), 3D modeling, Codimath, Roblox, AR/VR, design thinking, HTML/CSS, microbit, AI machine learning, Python (introductory to advanced), and data visualization. - Worked closely with parents to ensure that students received the necessary support and resources to succeed in their coding education. - Used a variety of teaching methods, including hands-on projects, real-world examples, and visual aids, to engage and motivate students and keep them interested in the subject matter. - Taught up to 30-35 hours per week, managing multiple classes and age groups simultaneously. - Infused humor and fun into classes by incorporating funny videos and sound filters to create an engaging and enjoyable learning environment. - Received positive feedback from students, parents, and colleagues for the quality of instruction and ability to inspire students to pursue coding and technology education.
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Rumah Amal Salman | Jan 2022 - May 2022

Head of Imam Muda Salman Scholarship

- Oversaw a nationwide scholarship program, managing all routine activities such as application screening, interview selection, and award disbursement. - Supervised the progress of the awardees, including academic performance and community involvement, to ensure compliance with program requirements. - Coordinated with financial institutions and scholarship sponsors to distribute scholarship fees to awardees in a timely and accurate manner. - Maintained comprehensive documentation of the scholarship program, including applicant data, award amounts, and program outcomes. - Managed social media accounts, including Instagram and YouTube, to promote the scholarship program and increase engagement with students and stakeholders. - Created content and collaborated with design teams to develop graphics, videos, and other visual assets to enhance social media presence. - Increased Instagram followers from 10k to 11k within four months through targeted audience engagement, strategic use of hashtags, and regular posting of relevant content.

Tentor (PT Tentor Inovasi Semesta) | Feb 2021 - Dec 2021

Mathematics Tutor

- Taught math to 12th grade students at a tuition center, preparing them for the national entrance exam (UTBK) required for university admission in Indonesia. - Developed and delivered comprehensive lesson plans that were aligned with the UTBK syllabus and designed to help students master key math concepts and problem-solving strategies. - Utilized a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, discussions, and hands-on activities, to help students understand and apply mathematical concepts to real-world problems. - Provided regular assessments and feedback to students, monitoring their progress and identifying areas where additional support and resources were needed. - Worked collaboratively with other teachers and administrators to develop strategies for promoting student success and academic achievement. - Fostered positive relationships with students and their families, communicating regularly with parents and guardians to ensure that they were informed about their child's progress and needs. - Encouraged student participation and engagement in class, creating a supportive and collaborative learning environment that promoted critical thinking and creativity. - Received positive feedback from students and colleagues for the ability to make math understandable and engaging, preparing students for success on the UTBK exam and in their future academic pursuits.

Ruangguru | May 2021 - Nov 2021

Mathematics Master Teacher

- Developed and produced over 350 video solutions for math problems ranging from basic to advanced. - Utilized visual aids such as diagrams, animations, and real-life scenarios to enhance understanding and engagement for students. - Managed video production from script development to post-production, ensuring that all videos met quality standards and were delivered on time. - Demonstrated strong attention to detail and organization in maintaining a comprehensive database of video solutions and corresponding math problems.

Sekolah Indonesia Jeddah | Oct 2020 - Dec 2020

Mathematics Teacher

- Taught math to 7th, 10th, and 11th grade students at a national school abroad, using a variety of teaching methods and resources to help students master math concepts. - Designed and delivered lesson plans that were aligned with the national curriculum and tailored to the specific needs and learning styles of each student. - Maintained accurate records of student performance and progress, providing regular feedback and support to help students improve and achieve their goals. - Worked collaboratively with other teachers and administrators to develop school-wide strategies for promoting student success and academic achievement. - Guided the formation of the Student Council (OSIS) and served as a mentor to student leaders, providing guidance and support to help them develop leadership skills and promote positive change in the school community. - Received recognition as a favorite teacher by students and colleagues for the ability to make math engaging and accessible to all learners, using creative and interactive approaches to teaching.

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia - FPMIPA | Oct 2019 - Dec 2020

Computer Laboratory and Library Assistant

- Maintained computer lab equipment and prepared computers for use before each class session - Troubleshot and resolved technical issues with computer software and hardware - Managed library resources by selecting, developing, cataloging, and classifying materials - Maintained accurate records of library holdings and ensured records were up-to-date - Maintained laboratory facilities and ensured they were clean and organized - Assisted students and faculty in using computer software and other laboratory reso

My Education

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English Language and Literature/LettersWall Street English Indonesia | 2024
Data ScienceBinar Academy | 2022
Bachelor of Education - BEd, Mathematics Teacher Education  · (JuniUniversitas Pendidikan Indonesia | 2021
Digital MarketingWallstreet Devops | 2021
Qur'an Recitation and MemorizationBeasiswa Imam Muda Salman (Aktivis Salman) | 2020

About Me

Muhammad Abid

I'm a math education graduate with a serious passion for all things data. Teaching is my calling, but I've also caught the data science bug and I'm eager to dive deeper into it for a potential career shift. Come explore with me as I blend my love for

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