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Mustafa Dagteki

Mustafa Dagteki


Senior Data Analyst

Freelance | United States


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Introduction to SQL


Intermediate SQL


Joining Data in SQL


Introduction to ChatGPT


Introduction to Python


Project: Hypothesis Testing with Men's and Women's Soccer Matches


Project: Analyzing Students' Mental Health in SQL


Project: Hypothesis Testing in Healthcare


Project: Analyzing Motorcycle Part Sales

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Data Analyst


Associate SQL


Data Engineer


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My Work Experience

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Greenalyzed Ltd. | Mar 2013 - Dec 2023

Data Analyst and BI Consultant

Worked between Mar 2013 to Dec 2018 Fulltime-Onsite, Dec 2018 to Dec 2023 Parttime-Remote. • Executed 21 detailed project analyses focusing on feasibility, productivity, and profitability, contributing to a 20% increase in productivity and a 15% rise in profitability. • Skillfully collected and cleansed data across 80+ diverse datasets utilizing SQL, Python, Power Query, and Excel, ensuring high-quality data for accurate analysis. • Produced detailed statistical reports and developed predictive models for 2 agricultural projects, achieving an impressive 90% accuracy rate in predictability outcomes. | Improved overall data system performance by 20%, ensuring high levels of operational efficiency and data integrity. • Act as a strategic advisor for 7 companies, focusing on enhancing their Data Analytics and Business Intelligence capabilities. | My guidance in feasibility studies, performance analyses, and budgeting led to a marked improvement of 10-15% in their data-driven decision-making processes. • Developed 40+ data products, including dynamic dashboards, comprehensive reports, and key performance indicators (KPIs), using SQL, R, Python, Power BI, and Excel, to facilitate data-driven decision-making. | Assisted clients in understanding and utilizing their SQL-based ERP data systems more effectively, leading to an average improvement of 25% in data utilization for strategic decisions.
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Aytekin Group | Jan 2007 - Mar 2013

Data Analyst and BI Coordinator

• Engineered and deployed comprehensive data and reporting infrastructures from scratch for 5 distinct companies using Excel, SQL, and ERP solutions, enabling real-time insights, and enhancing the data-driven decision-making process. Integrated complex production modules into ERP systems, boosting productivity tracking and efficiency by 20%. • Analyzed, produced, and delivered over 350 ad-hoc, monthly, quarterly, and annual financial and productivity reports, enhancing stakeholder comprehension and engagement with complex data by 40%.| Led and collaborated within cross-functional teams of 10+ members, driving a more precise and effective data analytics approach across multiple projects. • Innovated budgeting tools incorporating predictive modeling to establish more accurate financial targets for various companies; also developed complex pivot tables and advanced visualizations for comparative analysis using SQL, Power BI, and Excel. | Spearheaded the budget creation process, enhancing budget forecasting accuracy by 25%. • Conducted in-depth analyses of project productivity and company performance, identifying key areas for improvement that led to a 15% increase in operational efficiency. |Provided critical data-driven insights to top management, significantly influencing strategic decisions, and contributing to an annual growth of 10% in profitability.

Nazzal Industry Ltd | Oct 2005 - Jan 2007

Data Analyst

• Pioneered the development and deployment of a SQL-based ERP system, enhancing operational efficiency by 25% within the first six months. | Established a complete data workflow system from scratch, which reduced data processing time by 18% and improved system reliability. • Crafted and executed efficient SQL queries for data extraction, reducing the time required by 20% compared to standard methods. | Led comprehensive data analyses using Excel, identifying key business insights that informed strategic decisions and operational improvements. • Created a suite of dynamic PowerPoint reports from the initial concept, improving stakeholder understanding of complex data by 40%. | Designed and implemented a standardized reporting protocol, which decreased report generation time by 35% and significantly increased data accuracy. • Implemented a comprehensive SQL server maintenance plan, resulting in a 20% decrease in unexpected downtime. | Established and upheld stringent security protocols for the SQL server, successfully preventing data breaches and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Serka Contracting LLC | Jan 2004 - Aug 2005

Contract Operations Manager

• Multi-Contract Management in a High-Risk Environment: Held a pivotal role in managing three distinct camp services contracts across five U.S. Army bases during the Second Gulf War. Demonstrated exceptional leadership and resilience in a high-stress, high-risk operational environment. • Large-Scale Workforce Supervision: Successfully oversaw a diverse team of 150 personnel, ensuring effective delivery of daily camp services under challenging conditions. Maintained high morale and efficiency despite the demanding and volatile environment. • Fleet and Logistics Management: Managed a substantial fleet of 60 vehicles, coordinating logistics to support daily operations across multiple locations. Implemented robust maintenance and operational protocols to ensure uninterrupted services. • Operational Excellence in a Combat Zone: Ensured the seamless execution of vital camp services, adapting swiftly to the dynamic needs of military operations. Played a critical role in maintaining operational continuity under extreme conditions. • Safety and Compliance Standards: Vigilantly upheld the highest standards of safety and compliance, prioritizing the well-being of personnel and the integrity of operations in a conflict zone. • Cross-Cultural Team Management: Fostered a cohesive and collaborative work environment, effectively managing a culturally diverse team. Navigated language barriers and cultural differences to build a strong, unified workforce. • Strategic Resource Allocation: Skillfully allocated resources to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of camp services. Implemented strategic planning and foresight to anticipate and meet the evolving demands of military operations.

My Education

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Associate's degree, Business Management, in Business ManagementEastern Gateway Community College | 2022
Bachelor's degree, EconomicsCukurova University | 1998

About Me

Mustafa Dagteki

As a dedicated Data Analyst with over 5 years of experience in a variety of business settings, I have developed a solid foundation in data analysis and SQL programming.

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