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Otuoma Erick

Otuoma Erick

Lead Data Scientist | ML Engineer

GDSC JKUAT | Kiambu, Kenya


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My New Course

Introduction to Python

My New Project

Dr. Semmelweis and the Discovery of Handwashing

My New Track

Data Scientist

Data visionary, envisioning a future transformed by the power of information - https://github.com/devotuoma

My Work

Take a look at my latest work.


Investigating Netflix Movies and Guest Stars in The Office


A Visual History of Nobel Prize Winners


Sentiment Analysis and Prediction


Dr. Semmelweis and the Discovery of Handwashing


The GitHub History of the Scala Language


Predicting Credit Card Approvals


The Android App Market on Google Play


Graduate Admission Prediction: While admitting graduate students for different postgraduate academic programs, there are factors that affect the chances of admission. This project is interested in analyzing factors that come into consideration while admitting graduate students and how they affect the chance of admission.


GitHub - devotuoma/papa532-planner-app




Weather PredictionAround JFK-International Airport in New York: The project helps in the prediction of weather conditions which affects economic activities ina given area using historical data. The question which is being addressed is " Does the weather condition of today affects that of the next day?


My Certifications

These are the industry credentials that I’ve earned.

Other Certificates

Alexis Cook, Head of Kaggle Learn Python by Kaggle

Data Camp Data Scientist with Python

Google Developer Student Clubs 2023 - 2024 Google Developer Student Clubs - Core Team Member

DataCamp Course Completion

Take a look at all the courses I’ve completed on DataCamp.

My Work Experience

Where I've interned and worked during my career.

Google Developer Students Club | Jun 2023 - Present

Lead Data Science and AI @GDSC JKUAT

Happy to lead and mentor more than 60 students bridge the gap between theory and practice in Data Science and the Emerging Trends in Artificial Intelligence and grow their knowledge in a peer-to-peer learning environment to build solutions for local businesses and their communities.
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Huawei Seeds For The Future | May 2023 - Aug 2023


I was previledged to be selected as one of the participants in the Huawei Seeds for the Future Program and gained more skills in Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, 5G Network.During this period, I got a chance to interact with other university students both from Kenya and Tanzania.

Outreachy | Mar 2023 - Apr 2023

Python Developer

✅Enhanced clarity: Simplified complex concepts in the NetworkX library, improving accessibility for users ranging from beginners to advanced practitioners. ✅Expanded functionality: Added documentation for new features and functionalities, empowering users to leverage the full potential of the NetworkX library in Python. ✅Fostered community collaboration: Facilitated discussions and incorporated feedback from fellow contributors, promoting a collaborative environment for continuous improvement. ✅Improved usability: Streamlined documentation structure and formatting for improved readability and navigation, enhancing the overall user experience. ✅Supported user adoption: Provided clear examples and use cases to guide users in effectively implementing NetworkX for network analysis and visualization tasks, fostering widespread adoption of the library. https://github.com/networkx/outreachy

StackUp | Jan 2023 - Present

Data Scientist

As a part time Data Scientist at Stackup, I honed my skills in using data to draw insights. While working closely with a talented team of developers and project managers, I contributed to various data science and machine learning projects. ✅Key Highlights: ✓Version Control: Utilized Git for version control, enabling seamless collaboration and efficient tracking of code changes throughout the development process. ✓Testing: Conducted rigorous testing to identify and rectify bugs, ensuring a smooth user experience and adhering to best coding practices. ✓Continuous Learning: Kept abreast of the latest web development trends and technologies, actively participating in workshops and online courses to enhance my skill set. ✅Spearheaded machine learning initiatives at StackUp in Denver, Colorado: Took the lead in campaigns and overseeing various machine learning quest projects within the company, demonstrating leadership and expertise in this field. ✅Championed Web3 projects, navigating the forefront of the digital landscape: Took the lead in projects related to Web3 technologies such as Avalanche, Affinidi, showcasing expertise in navigating the evolving digital landscape and staying at the forefront of emerging trends.

Google Developer Students Club | Nov 2020 - Present

Data Scientist and Artificial Intelligence Engineer

✅Data Science Leadership: Spearheaded data science initiatives at Google Developers Student Clubs for over 3 years, steering the community towards impactful projects and events. ✅Event Organization: Orchestrated engaging events on various data science topics, fostering a vibrant learning environment and bringing together enthusiasts for knowledge exchange. ✅Project Contributions: Actively participated in building data-driven projects, demonstrating a hands-on approach to problem-solving and collaboration within the Google DSC community. ✅Innovation Advocacy: Advocated for innovation within the data science realm, consistently exploring new ideas and technologies to stay at the forefront of the field. ✅Community Engagement: Fostered a dynamic and inclusive community by connecting with peers, sharing insights, and contributing to the collective growth of Google Developers Student Clubs.

My Education

Take a look at my formal education

Data Science & Machine Learning, Information TechnologyDataCamp | 2021
Data Science, Science and TechnologyKaggle | 2020
Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science, Mathematics and Statistics  · (AugustJomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology | 2020

About Me

Otuoma Erick

Data-Driven Innovator | Empowering Businesses with Insights| AI Student @ALX |Mentor @ GDSC JKUAT

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