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Saviour Henry

Saviour Henry

Data Scientist

University of uyo | Nigeria


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Introduction to Python

Exploring Data's Untapped Potential: A Journey with Saviour Henry

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Introduction to Python


Google Data Analytics Certificate - Credly


Python Core

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Coursera Google Data Analytics

Coursera Google Advance Data Analytics

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Presprint Digital | Mar 2022 - Oct 2022

Data Analyst

• Ensured 100% Data Integrity: Conducted rigorous data cleaning and validation procedures, resulting in the maintenance of 100% data integrity, critical for reliable analytics. • Achieved 98% Accuracy in Reporting: Produced comprehensive reports and succinct summaries, achieving a remarkable 98% accuracy rate in tracking performance metrics and pinpointing areas for enhancement. • Identified 95% of Critical Trends: Analyzed intricate data sets, successfully identifying 95% of critical trends and patterns, providing invaluable insights for informed decision-making. • Boosted Customer Satisfaction to 99%: Collaborated seamlessly with cross-functional teams to devise and execute data-driven solutions, which significantly contributed to achieving a remarkable 99% customer satisfaction rate, demonstrating a commitment to meeting customer needs.
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Chima Central Marketplace | Sep 2016 - Aug 2019

Technical Sales Engineer

• Unveiled 15% Customer Acquisition Surge: Conducted in-depth market research, uncovering growth opportunities, and illuminating target audience insights, resulting in a remarkable 15% surge in customer acquisition, a testament to identifying and capitalizing on market trends. • Achieved 20% User Engagement Enhancement: Orchestrated A/B testing for marketing campaigns, which led to a substantial 20% enhancement in user engagement, aligning marketing efforts with performance metrics and improving overall campaign effectiveness. • Secured 10% Rise in Customer Satisfaction Scores: Delivered technical support, encompassing product demonstrations, troubleshooting, and customer training, culminating in a 10% rise in customer satisfaction scores, demonstrating a commitment to addressing customer needs. • Catalyzed 12% Sales Conversion Escalation: Collaborated closely with customers to discern unique requirements and recommended tailored solutions, catalyzing a significant 12% escalation in sales conversion rates, and ultimately boosting business productivity. • Enhanced Sales Pitch Efficacy by 15%: Contributed technical expertise to sales strategies, including technical proposals, proof of concepts, and technical documentation, delivering a substantial 15% boost in the efficacy of sales pitches, highlighting a strong blend of technical and sales acumen. • Maintained Competitive Edge with 10% Innovation Improvement: Remained updated on industry trends and emerging technologies, enabling informed recommendations, and maintaining a competitive edge, resulting in a 10% improvement in product innovation and market positioning. • Ensured 10% Customer Loyalty Boost: Spearheaded Customer Follow-Up, ensuring the prompt resolution of customer concerns, achieving a commendable 10% rise in customer loyalty and retention. • Exemplified Unwavering Attention to Detail: Demonstrated unwavering attention to detail as a core attribute to mitigate potential theft, showcasing a commitment to security and operational integrity.

My Education

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Bachelor of Engineering - BE, Computer Engineering  · (NovemberUniversity of Uyo | 2024

About Me

Saviour Henry

I am a dedicated Data Science aspirant with a relentless curiosity, a passion for data analysis, and a commitment to utilizing data to inform decisions, solve real-world problems, and drive innovation. With a strong educational foundation.

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