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Wei Hutchinson

Wei Hutchinson

University of Westminster

University of Westminster


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Northumbria University | Sep 2018 - Oct 2022

PhD in Marketing

My research passion lies in digital marketing, with a special focus on user- generated vlogs in the marketing and travel industry. The research contributes to the explanation of uprising influencer culture as well as the practical influence on effective social media marketing in a wider context. My PhD degree in marketing from Northumbria University gave me transferable abilities that are useful in this position. I have a keen analytic mind and am naturally intrigued by the unknown. Specifically, my expertise lies in the areas of quantitative research methodology and the backdrop of the modern media landscape. My study focuses on the user-generated vlog. I conducted a big data analytics-based study to identify the specific linguistic patterns that induce more social media engagement rates (such as likes, shares, and comments). With experience in mining YouTube social media engagement metrics, I also had experience in R language data cleaning and thematic analysis on script content and audience comments. By applying Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count, I have investigated linguistic patterns such as authenticity and adjective use. I also have advanced experience in a generalised linear model with different distributions with maximum likelihood estimates.This research experience equips me with the essential knowledge of coding and advanced linear progression knowledge which directly contributes to this role. I also conducted online surveys for my primary research In the primary quantitative survey, I have gained expertise in using SPSS, macro PROCESS and Amos to build Structural Equation Modelling (SEM). My familiarity with these methods can bring insights for implications in the industry. The four- year PhD training also equips me with good written and verbal communication skills. Side projects: 1. Smart tourism and group travel recommendation system 2. Digital A/B test and personalisation
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The China-UK Business Centre (Northwest) | Aug 2016 - Aug 2018

Marketing Director

As a co-founder, I worked closely with the International Marketing Director in China. I developed digital product/service marketing strategies and consumer preference reports for our Chinese and British company clients. With three years of hands-on and leading experience of working with Chinese social media as well as international social media platforms, I am creative and ideas- orientated. I have worked with agencies in China to manage and deliver digital business match-making webinars and "trade with China" training programs. I have good knowledge and experience within B2C social media campaigns which aims to enhance our clients' virtual presence in China/UK and help them identify opportunities for growth, new business, and clients.

UBS | Aug 2015 - Aug 2016

Banking Salary and Reward Analyst

UBS UK is a preeminent universal bank that provides wealth and asset management services for its corporate and institutional clients. My job was in the Human Resources Department, under the Employee Compensation and Reward Team. My duties-in-charge and transferrable skills include: • Project-based work to analyse and communicate on UK/Global Reward issues (e.g. Salary, Headcount, Promotion) and provide support for Reward Advisors on reward-related projects (highly numerate and analytical skills) •Assisted with regular compensation processes (such as weekly commitment approval process) and related audit inquiries (strong computing skills) •Supported internal Regional Reward Procedures (strong organisation skills)

Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups | Sep 2013 - Apr 2015

Youth Social Worker - Crises Intervention

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups is the biggest youth work organization in Hong Kong, providing services including intervention for youth at risk, leadership and volunteer training, creative education, and youth exchange programs. My duties-in-charge and transferrable skills include: •Been a team leader of the crisis intervention counseling team (good coordination and leadership abilities) • Implemented a series of experiential learning projects for secondary school students focusing on further study and career planning. (good project management skills) • Did research on several youth-related topics, such as the willingness of overseas study for teenagers; made media releases (competitive research skills and database management skills; advanced in SPSS ; good communication skills with media) •Planned and liaised with both internal and external parties for fundraising; made budgets plan and monitored the financial progress of various programs.

My Education

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Doctorate Degree, BusinessNorthumbria University | 2022
Master of Art in Entrepreneurial Leadership in Global Business, Global BusinessUniversity of Chester | 2016
Master of Arts - MA, Entrepreneurial Leadership in Global BusinessMountbatten Institute (In collaboration with University of Chester) | 2016
Online Courses, Accounting and FinanceHarvard Business School | 2015
Mssc in Social Work, Social WorkThe Chinese University of Hong Kong | 2013

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