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Yusuf Olonade

Yusuf Olonade


Data Analyst

Teck Resources | Canada


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Product Sales Analysis in Python

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Introduction to Power BI

Data-driven problem solver with a passion for transforming data into insights and solutions that drive business growth

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Retail Ecommerce Analytics

Power BI

Analyzing Customer Attrition in Excel and Power BI

ExcelPower BI

Unveiling the Golden Age of Video Games with SQL


Analyzing Product Sales Strategy with Python


Analyzing Students Mental Health with SQL


HR Analytics in Power BI

Power BI

Wake County FY 2019 Financial Audit

Power BI

My Certifications

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Data Analyst Professional

Data Analyst Professional

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Microsoft Certified Power BI Data Analyst Associate

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My Work Experience

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Teck Resources | Jan 2023 - Present

Data Analyst

In my role, I collaborate with cross-functional teams to deploy and maintain BI assets and data products to meet the needs of stakeholders across different departments. Some of my achievements include; ● Leveraged SQL and Azure Data Factory to integrate and process data from multiple sources, reducing ETL pipeline execution time by 40%, thereby improving data availability and accelerating reporting timelines ● Deployed Power BI reports and dashboards providing timely insights to stakeholders that enabled faster decision-making and a 10% increase in operational efficiency. Trained report users on self-service analytics ● Utilized Python and Azure Machine Learning to build predictive models, decreasing equipment downtime by 25% and reducing maintenance costs while increasing operational efficiency through proactive scheduling. ● Automated data analysis workflows in Excel using Python scripts, reducing manual data processing tasks by 60% and saving approximately 20 hours per week, allowing analysts to focus on strategic analysis. ● Implemented SQL-based data integration and Power BI visualization to analyze and forecast commodity market trends, improving forecast accuracy by 35% and enhancing strategic planning to increase revenue by 15%.
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TechPinacle | May 2022 - Present

Business Intelligence Analyst (Consultant)

In my role, I collaborate with cross-functional teams to deploy and maintain data products and BI assets tailored to the business needs of client stakeholders from retail, financial services, telecom, mining, manufacturing and other industries. Some of my achievements include; ● Collaborated with a cross-functional team to deploy a Power BI dashboard leveraging SQL for a retail client that provided real-time insights into sales performance leading to the optimization of store operations, increased customer satisfaction score by 15% and overall profitability by 10% within 6 months of implementation ● Collaborated with a cross-functional team to deploy a 6-sigma project for a telecom provider leveraging Excel that uncovered the root cause of customer attrition, implemented solutions and continuous improvement strategies that resulted in a 6.5% reduction in churn rate in the first quarter of implementation (Q4’23) ● Developed predictive models with Python using ML algorithms for a client to analyze customer data and predict future purchase behaviour which increased marketing campaign engagement rates by 15% and conversion rates by 10% ● Conducted A/B testing for the redesign of a mobile banking app that increased customer engagement by 9.5% and transaction rates by 6% within the first year of deployment ● Collaborated with a cross-functional team to develop and implement a comprehensive data governance and quality framework for an insurance client that strengthened data protection, quality and mitigated risks

Division of Engineering Science, University of Toronto | Sep 2021 - Apr 2022

Teaching Assistant, Data Analytics

In my role, I provide data analysis expertise to support students’ engineering design activities and overall learning experience in ESC 204 (Praxis III). Some of my achievements include; ● Optimized material usage by analyzing material properties, cost and performance characteristics in Excel and Power BI. Provided insights that resulted in a 20% reduction of prototyping cost and time ● Uncovered trends and patterns in student assessment performance data stored in Azure and GCP cloud by leveraging SQL and Tableau which informed the creation of personalized learning aids for students, leading to 95% success rates in final grade and 90% student satisfaction scores ● Collaborated with a cross functional team to deploy a project on sentiment analysis of stakeholder survey responses, user feedback and market data leveraging ML algorithms and NLTK library in Python that uncovered insights enabling design fabrications with a 95% stakeholder satisfaction rating ● Analyzed performance data and user feedback from prototype testing by identifying key factors influencing performance leveraging diagnostic analytics capabilities of Power BI, which resulted in faster design iterations and a 30% increase in product reliability and efficiency ● Collaborated with a cross-functional team to implement an ML algorithm to cluster relevant skillsets in entry-level engineering job postings which resulted in the redesign of the course curriculum, aligning with the job market thus increasing student engagement and participation rate by 20% ● Analyzed student interaction data from online learning platforms in Excel and recommended targeted interventions to increase student engagement, resulting in a 20% increase in average time spent on learning activities per student.

EPCM Engineers Limited | Sep 2019 - Aug 2021

Project Data Analyst

In my role, I leverage data and analytics to optimize project performance, mitigate risks and improve efficiency. Some of my accomplishments include; ● Analyzed project data from multiple sources to uncover insights and trends related to resource utilization, cost management and project performance which informed strategic decision-making leading to improved project outcomes, cost savings, and on-time delivery. ● Deployed a comprehensive project performance monitoring dashboard in Power BI incorporating KPIs and real-time data analytics, resulting in a 15%increase in project delivery efficiency and on-time completion rates. ● Implemented predictive modelling techniques to identify and mitigate project risks proactively which led to a 10% reduction in project delays and cost overruns. ● Collaborated with the engineering team to analyze workflow data, and streamline project execution processes resulting in a 10% increase in productivity and a 15% decrease in rework and design errors

My Education

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Master of Engineering in Data Science & AnalyticsUniversity of Toronto | 2023
Certificate of Completion in Data AnalyticsDataCamp | 2022
Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical University of Benin, Benin-City, Nigeria | 2017

About Me

Yusuf Olonade

I am a data-driven problem solver and a lifelong learner with a passion for transforming data into insights and solutions that drive business growth, eager to apply my expertise to new challenges and opportunities.

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