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Kaddu Aaron Muzira

Kaddu Aaron Muzira

Data Engineer

Uganda Development Bank


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Introduction to Python

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Cleaning Bank Marketing Campaign Data

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Power BI Fundamentals

Insights architect, constructing bridges between data and actionable strategies.

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Introduction to SQL


Intermediate Python


Joining Data in SQL

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Uganda Development Bank | Dec 2023 - Present

Data Engineer

- I will own, manage, and configure the #BusinessIntelligence (BI) platform(s) and interactive dashboards, as well as establish connections among #DataWarehouses, #DataLakes, and other data sources both internal and external. - Tasked to improve data transparency and enable the UDBL #analysts at all levels to facilitate the business to make more trustworthy BI-driven business decisions. - Charged to facilitate and organize end-to-end #DataCollection, intake, and processing plus support systems architecture design. - I will help in the creation of tools for #DataScientists and analysts to search metadata for information about the various business use cases. They will work with the #DataAnalysts to design #PredictiveAlgorithms to project UDBLs future business projections. - Charged to implement, maintain and populate analytics databases including tuning of databases for efficient analysis and creating table schemas using extract, transform, load (#ETL) methods. - Will be required to write code to get data into the analytics database and support the analytics teams. They will deliver aggregated data to UDBL business executives and analysts and other end users so they can analyze it and apply the results to improving business operations.
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Uganda Development Bank | Dec 2022 - Dec 2023

BT Service Management Officer

- Align the Bank Operations to ITIL framework best practices - Handling procurements related to BT - Design dashboards using #PowerBI to ease reporting of the bank - Data Analytics support to the ERKM - Support the digital initiatives team. Data Analytics Functions • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to identify key business questions, gather relevant data, and develop actionable insights leading to a 5% increase in revenue. • Utilized SQL to extract, manipulate, and analyze data from diverse sources. • Created interactive dashboards and visualizations using tools such as Tableau and Power BI to communicate findings effectively. • Conducted statistical analysis to identify trends, correlations, and opportunities for process improvement. • Applied statistical models and techniques (regression, clustering, classification, etc.) to analyze data and draw actionable conclusions. • Conducted Data Analytics using PowerBI, Tableau, Pandas/NumPy • Involved in Data warehousing & Preparing data pipelines (Data Engineering) • Monitored UATs and conducted post implementation reviews for key projects.

VisionFund Uganda | Dec 2020 - Nov 2022

System & Network Administrator

-Windows Server 2012 administration and management -Linux Server Administration -Network configurations Cisco IOS (Routers,Switches,Firewalls) -Daily Network uptime monitoring -Disaster Recovery Site maintenance and monitoring

Street Code Africa | Jun 2019 - Present


-Affordable Customized ICT Solutions -Teaching disadvantaged youths how to design websites. -Impacting children with tech skills -Offering discounted services to startups

VisionFund Uganda | Apr 2018 - Dec 2020

Information Technology Support Officer

-Database integrity of the core banking system -Develop new features in the system and advise technically about different features -Design and Develop solution applications for VisionFund Uganda -Update and design the official company website -Install and upgrade applications on end-users computers -Software engineering technical advise -Design and develop mobile applications to reduce the cost to serve the clients in branches Data Analytics Functions • Performed data cleansing and transformation to ensure data accuracy and reliability for analysis. • Interpreted the results of statistical analyses and presented insights to inform decision-making. • Applied statistical techniques to uncover relationships, correlations, and trends within the data. • Created descriptive and summary statistics to provide insights into the data's characteristics. • Developing new software solutions to solve institutions day to day issues like Inventory, Fleet management, E-scanning File System, Ticketing and Complaint system, HRM System (Developed using PHP, JS, MySQL, PHP and Python

Forwards Uganda | Jan 2016 - Dec 2020

Software Developer

-Develop mobile applications (Android) -Concept and proposal designs -Website development -Deployment and training of developed systems -Hardware consultant -Online client management

THS Service AB | Jan 2018 - Nov 2019

Web Developer

-Technical consultant -Website development and updates -Graphics design and branding specialist -Social media management -Search Engine Optimization consultant (SEO)

Prime Uganda Safaris | Nov 2017 - Mar 2018

Web Developer

-Develop new company websites -Improve and update existing websites -Install and update web hosting servers software Data Analytics Functions • Worked closely with other teams, such as IT, marketing, finance, and operations, to understand their data requirements and provide analytical support. • Collaborated with the team to identify areas for data-driven process optimization. • Conducted preliminary data analysis to support senior analysts in generating insights. -IT Support and training to other employees -Support clients in the field on any IT issue -Look out for new talent on market to recruit -Cost management on IT operational expenses

Self-employed | Jan 2014 - Present

Free Lancer

-Develop web applications for clients -Desktop and offline applications -Website designing and development -Mobile applications development (Android) -Hardware Repairing and maintenance -Network infrastructure design and optimization -Cyber Security Specialist -Network security design concepts -BCP & Disaster recovery design expert -IT policy & standards designer

Bugema University | Feb 2013 - Aug 2015

Student Mentor

-Guide new students in IT on which skills to master -Supervise final year students on which projects to do -IT lab monitoring (100computers) -Develop new applications to make students' life simple. -Help students in software development assessments -IT club ambassador -Google Student Ambassador -Hardware repair and maintenance Data Analytics Functions • Assisted in designing and maintaining the school's data architecture, including data warehouses and data lakes. • Developed and optimized SQL queries and stored procedures for data extraction and analysis. • Collaborated with data scientists to preprocess data for machine learning models. • Conducted data profiling and data lineage analysis to ensure data traceability and accuracy. • Assisted in database administration tasks, including backup and recovery, performance tuning, and access control.

My Education

Take a look at my formal education

Certificate , Computer Software EngineeringThe African Leadership University | 2022
BSc, Computer Systems Networking & TelecommunicationsBugema University | 2022
Full Stack Web Development Certification, Computer Software EngineeringfreeCodeCamp | 2018
Diploma, Computer Programming, Specific ApplicationsISBAT University | 2016
Certificate , Information TechnologyBugema University | 2014

About Me

Kaddu Aaron Muzira

I am passionate about Technology and I consider myself an IT service that is supposed to be available always to serve others better.

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