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Abhishek Pandey

Abhishek Pandey

Data Scientist

Machine Learning Software Engineer | New Delhi


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Data Analyst

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Introduction to Python

AIR 853 in IIT JEE 2012 (1 million candidates)

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Predicting Credit Card Approvals


Analyzing TV Data

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CrimeCheck | Jul 2022 - Present

Machine Learning Engineer

Developed and deployed an API for Act and Section Standardization to convert more than 9 lakh acts in court records into 2,213 clusters with 96.2% accuracy (99.2% for single acts). Created alert notifications if anomalies detected in monthly revenue from top 30 clients. Similar notifications if anomaly detected in Employee work output. Completed 17 Data Analysis and visualization projects on extensive datasets.
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IIT Kanpur | May 2016 - Jul 2017

Research Assistant

Project- Design and Analysis of a Pressure Impulse Generator for Military Tanks Problem Statement - To devise a mechanism to test the Strength and Reliability of Tanks Barrels without firing projectiles and no need to transfer the apparatus to isolated range. Action - Devised a mechanism to generate desired Pressure inside the Barrel • Made Lumped Parameter Model of Pressure impulse generator for optimizing Energy, Mass and Size

My Education

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Btech+Mtech, Mechanical Engg.Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur | 2017

About Me

Abhishek Pandey

Secured All India Rank 853 amongst a million candidates in IIT JEE. Looking for a job opportunity in Data Science. Currently working as Machine Learning Software Engineer.

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