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Abhishek Suragani

Abhishek Suragani


Data Analyst

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My New Certification

Data Scientist Professional

My New Certification

Professional Data Analyst

Data professional, helping companies grow by deriving insights from the data.

My Work

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Improving Customer Segmentation


Analysis of Covid Vaccine Hesitancy across USA


Predicting hotel cancellation


A/B Test on Website Redesign - Which Design helped in conversion ?


My Certifications

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Data Scientist Professional

Data Scientist Professional

Professional Data Analyst

Professional Data Analyst

DataCamp Course Completion

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My Work Experience

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CBL | Jul 2023 - Present

Data Analyst

• Mastery of Data Visualization: Crafted compelling Tableau visualizations, elevating stakeholder comprehension and accelerating decision-making by an impressive 30%. • Cloud Data Orchestration: Spearheaded data transfers on AWS S3 and harnessed the power of Redshift for intricate data transformations, resulting in a notable 25% enhancement in data processing efficiency. • ETL Process Optimization: Pioneered efforts to streamline ETL operations through Informatica and SSIS, resulting in an impressive 18% reduction in integration errors. • Precision SQL Query Crafting: Skillfully developed and fine-tuned SQL queries to align with exact business requirements, rigorously testing and delivering results to ensure unwavering compliance with project specifications.
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American University | Dec 2022 - May 2023

Data Analytics Research Fellow

• Pioneering Market Insights: Collaborated on the design of surveys employing cutting-edge conjoint analysis and list experiment survey methods, while also contributing to a professor's pioneering research methodology that harnessed machine learning algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) to unearth patterns in anti-Semitic language within social media data. • Precision-Tailored SQL Mastery: Meticulously crafted and adapted SQL queries to align with precise business needs, rigorously conducting tests to ensure unwavering adherence to project specifications. • Multidisciplinary Collaboration: Orchestrated architectural solutions through productive collaboration with esteemed professors spanning three distinct academic institutions, effectively automating validation data workflows in Alteryx for streamlined efficiency

Kaptivate | Aug 2022 - Dec 2022

Senior Data Analyst/ Reporting Lead

• Streamlined Workflow Enhancement: Architected and deployed a sophisticated Alteryx-based system to streamline the review, cleansing, and validation of data submissions from 60 agencies. This transformation not only bolstered data quality but also substantially curtailed manual errors while enhancing data analysis efficiency. • Strategic Data Leadership: Spearheaded the analysis of data critical to an annual report, acting as the principal liaison for key insights. Pioneering datadriven recommendations for nationwide broadband access, I provided a strategic edge in shaping the future of U.S. connectivity. • Masterful Data Oversight: Orchestrated all Business Intelligence operations, effectively leveraging my leadership skills to assign tasks, set expectations, and offer constructive feedback, ensuring the delivery of top-tier results.

Kaptivate | Jun 2022 - Aug 2022

Data Abstraction and Data Analysis Intern

• Dynamic Data Visualization: Spearheaded the creation of data pipelines powering two Live Interactive dashboards—a robust Performance Indicator tracker for Kaptivate's social media and a custom time series function test dashboard for a valued client. • Strategic Marketing Blueprint: Collaborated with a team of four interns to craft a comprehensive marketing plan encompassing SWOT analysis, business initiatives, competitive analysis, channel-specific marketing strategies, and the implementation of cutting-edge marketing technologies for data extraction and monitoring. • Efficiency-Driven Pipeline Management: Introduced a streamlined business development pipeline system, utilizing pivot tables to yield a remarkable 30% time savings for our dedicated team. • Strategic Data Collaboration: Engaged with the Chief Data Officer to analyze automated options available for client services, paving the way for innovative solutions in our quest for excellence.

Amazon | Oct 2018 - Aug 2021


• Mastery in Real-Time Performance Oversight: As a subject matter expert, I provided guidance and mentorship to six diverse global teams, overseeing the real-time performance metrics of over 40 recruits using Amazon Redshift and Excel. This resulted in a remarkable performance boost. • Elevating Customer Support with Machine Learning: Leveraging cutting-edge machine learning tools like Rosetta, I delivered exceptional support to Amazon's clientele, maintaining an outstanding 96% satisfaction rating, even during turbulent periods, enhancing overall customer contentment. • Recognized for Excellence: Acclaimed with numerous awards for consistently delivering top-tier performance and unwavering schedule adherence. • Process Enhancement and Six Sigma Success: Collaborating with seven fellow SMEs, we established a standardized operational protocol to address recurring challenges, employing Six Sigma methodologies. This effort garnered a remarkable 90% appreciation score from new recruits.

My Education

Take a look at my formal education

Master's degree in Business AnalyticsAmerican University - Kogod School of Business | 2023
Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical EngineeringJNTUH - Vignan Institute of Technology & Science | 2018
Intermediate in Maths; Physics; ChemistryNarayana Junior College , Nallakunta | 2014
High School in SchoolingBhashyam High School | 2012

About Me

Abhishek Suragani

5+ years of experienced IT professional with strong analytical skills seeking a full-time position in Data Science and Analytics. I'm Passionate about extracting actionable insights from messy data.

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