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Abu Mohammed Zahed Al Rahman

Abu Mohammed Zahed Al Rahman


University of Pisa


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Introduction to Python

Data evangelist, spreading the gospel of data-driven decision-making.

My Work

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GitHub - yeticheese/ThetaGammaAnalysis-yeticheese: A fork of the Theta-Gamma project at Genzel Lab


ThetaGammaAnalysis-yeticheese/notebooks/Tutorial_1_Theta_Signal_Extraction.ipynb at main · yeticheese/ThetaGammaAnalysis-yeticheese · GitHub


DataCamp Course Completion

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My Work Experience

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Genzel Lab at the Donders Institute | Jul 2022 - Present

Research Lab Intern

Designed Data Analysis Pipeline for the Theta-Gamma Code project Currently being maintained at: https://github.com/AbdelRayan/ThetaGammaAnalysis
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Ziska Pharmaceuticals Limited | Jun 2019 - Sep 2019

Internship Trainee


Aurora Training Centre | Nov 2018 - May 2019

Mathematics Tutor


My Education

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Bachelors of Engineering (Hons) in Mechanical EngineeringHeriot-Watt University | 2015

About Me

Abu Mohammed Zahed Al Rahman

I'm an eccentric academic nomad that's interested in numerical data science particularly within Computational Neuroscience and upscaling algorithms to modern acceleration paradigms like GPU computing.

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