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Adam T. Cieszewski

Adam T. Cieszewski

Senior Campaign Specialist

Avast Software


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My New Course

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Insights conductor, orchestrating a symphony of knowledge from data melodies.

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Avast | Jul 2023 - Present

Senior Campaign Specialist | In-Product Messaging

Guidance and Mentorship: - Providing essential guidance and mentorship to new team members, ensuring a seamless integration for new additions to our dynamic campaign environment. Strategic Campaign Design and Technical Expertise: - Leading the design and technical setup of IPM sales campaigns, aligning each initiative seamlessly with overarching marketing objectives. Collaboration and Continuous Process Improvement: - Collaborating cross-functionally to optimize our current campaign delivery processes, consistently enhancing operational efficiency. Vigilant Monitoring, Issue Resolution, and Data-Driven Insights: - Monitoring live campaigns, swiftly resolving issues to maintain a seamless user experience. - Actively contributing to extensive reach analysis projects, leveraging data insights for informed decision-making. Advanced Data Analysis and Comprehensive Campaign Evaluation: - Applying data analysis techniques to identify and address campaign issues, continually improving the effectiveness of our in-product messaging delivery strategies. - Collaborating with data analysts to comprehensively evaluate campaigns, driving continuous improvement. Experimentation Platform Ambassadorship: - Promoting a culture of experimentation, providing guidance and assistance to teams conducting experiments, helping them set up experiments correctly and troubleshoot any issues. Primary Contact for Implementation Enquiries: - Serving as the first point of contact for inquiries related to campaign implementation, ensuring effective communication and swift problem resolution.
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Avast | Dec 2021 - Nov 2023

In-Product Messaging Campaigns Specialist

Information Gathering: - Collaborated with sales campaign owners, reporters, and stakeholders to gather crucial information, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of campaign objectives. Campaign Design and Technical Setup: - Led the design and technical setup of In-Product Messaging (IPM) sales campaigns, translating requirements into effective proposals and configurations. Campaign Configuration: - Executed the setup and configuration of campaigns within Avast's internal systems, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. Quality Assurance: - Conducted basic verification of campaign configurations, guaranteeing accuracy and adherence to established standards. Cross-Functional Collaboration: - Fostered close collaboration with frontend developers and QA specialists, facilitating smooth integration of messaging campaigns into the user interface. Monitoring and Issue Resolution: - Actively monitored all live campaigns, swiftly participating in issue resolution to maintain uninterrupted user experience. Data Analysis for Issue Identification: - Applied data analysis techniques to identify and address campaign issues, contributing to the continuous improvement of in-product messaging strategies. Collaboration in Campaign Evaluation: - Collaborated with data analysts in the thorough evaluation of campaigns, leveraging insights to refine future strategies and optimize results. Ticket Resolution Achievement: - Successfully solved up to 280 configuration tickets yearly, showcasing efficiency and dedication in managing and resolving campaign-related challenges.

Avast | Jun 2021 - Nov 2021

In-Product Messaging Sales Campaigns Consultant

- Gathering all necessary information from the sales campaign owners/ reporters/stakeholders - Design (technical setup/proposal) of the IPM sales campaigns - Setup/configuration of the campaigns in the internal systems - Basic verification of the campaign's configuration - Close collaboration with the frontend developers and QA specialists - Monitoring all live campaigns and participate in potential issue resolution - Performing data analysis to identify campaign issues - Collaboration with data analysts in campaign evaluation

Fandom | Nov 2018 - Jun 2021

Ad Campaign Specialist (DACH/UK)

- Performed all aspects of traffic management, including implementation, testing, deployment, delivery, pacing and optimization of direct-sold ad campaigns - Ensured that all elements of advertising programs are implemented in an accurate and timely manner - Monitored campaign delivery via third party and internal ad serving systems for quality assurance/quality control -Testined ad creatives for functionality across mobile, tablet and desktop platforms and compliance with technical specifications; work closely with QA and Ad Engineering as necessary to debug and resolve issues - Tracked, measured, and analyzed performance of multiple advertising campaigns, including creating detailed performance reports and proposing optimization strategies and suggestions for future campaigns - Maintained awareness of industry trends by increasing knowledge of new technologies, products, IAB standards, advertiser demands and client experiences - Provided feedback for improvement on trafficking processes, best practices, systems and ad products - Partnered with ad ops account management to develop and implement optimization strategies on a campaign-by-campaign basis to maximize yield and advertiser performance - Managed workflow and communication with cross-functional partners in Ad Ops and Sales - Provided weekly reports to the sales team - Provided post campaign screenshots to the sales team for newly launched campaigns - Managed over 380 campaigns.

I-Access | Mar 2018 - Oct 2018

Customer Support Specialist

- Focused on assisting and resolving customer issues. Managed up to 30 cases at once. - Communicated in English and German. - Solved various types of IT-issues. - Managed users accounts. - Leaded small team.

Viadrina Consulting Group e.V. | Jan 2018 - Jul 2018

Cross Border Coordinator


STEINFELD LEGAL | May 2017 - Jul 2018

Legal Data Analyst

- Maintained and optimised database for machine learning processes. - Analysed and extracted data from legal documents in German and English.

City Business | May 2013 - Oct 2013

Customer Support Specialist

- Focused on assisting and resolving customer issues. - Communicated in English and German. - Solved various types of IT-issues. - Managed users accounts. - Leaded small team.

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Bachelor's degree, International Business StudiesEuropa-Universität Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) | 2019

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Adam T. Cieszewski

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