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Wenjie Xu

Wenjie Xu

Credit Risk Model Developer

Citibank N.A.


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Illinois Housing Development Authority | Aug 2021 - Present

Debt and Liability Analyst


Primary Research Solution LLC | Jul 2020 - Aug 2021

Data Analyst

• Aggregated and cleaned data from TransUnion on thousands of customers' credit attributes • Performed missing value imputation using population median, check population distribution for numerical and categorical variables to screen outliers and ensure data quality • Leveraged binning algorithm to calculate the information value of each individual attribute to evaluate the separation strength for the target variable • Built logistic regression model to predict the probability of default; used stepwise selection method to select model candidate variables • Checked variable multicollinearity by calculating VIF across predictors • Tested multiple models by switching variables and selected the best model using performance metrics including KS, ROC, and Somer’s D
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Northern Illinois University | Aug 2019 - May 2020

Research Assistant of Finance Department

•Tutor 30+ students about capital market and bond valuation. •Grade assignments for FINA 440, including feedback to students about their performance accuracy. •Create data visuals for course instructors using Excel spreadsheets to capture student performance. •Assist faculty by using Bloomberg to abstract pricing, volatility, and trading volume for their research topics.

Northern Illinois University | Aug 2018 - May 2019

Research Assistant Econ Illinois

•Designed finance-related case studies for high school students in Illinois. •Abstracted and analyzed financial data from DataUSA for the financial literacy program. •Presented the work to the Illinois State Treasurer.

WEICHAI AMERICA CORP. | Jun 2018 - Aug 2018

Accounting Intern

•Documented financial transactions by using QuickBooks. •Reconciled financial credit card statements by collecting and analyzing account information. •Deployed payments by verifying documentation and requesting disbursements. •Inspected 200+ reimbursement documents on a monthly basis.

Cosco Shipping Co., Ltd. | Jun 2015 - Mar 2017

Asset Mangager

• Performed weekly analysis regarding lessees' business operation and financial condition. • Evaluated lessees’ current capital expenditures and depreciation of leased items. • Worked closely with risk team to deliver post-lease report for inspection purpose. • Identified lessees’ trends in financial performance and provided recommendations for improvement. • Identified the drivers (either willingness or ability) leading to overdue by connecting to clients’ historical behavior. • Used a cash flow model to prevent six major overdue payments.

China National Investment & Guaranty Co., Ltd | Dec 2012 - Jun 2015

Credit Analyst

• Evaluated credit data and financial statements of 17% of the company’s clients. • Provided strategic analysis on ABS outstanding issued by commercial banks such as BOC and ICBC • Analyzed and utilized credit-scoring systems (Z-Score) for small credit amounts. • Provided input on analysis of risk models for prevention of result of • Assessed credit quality and estimated Probability of Default, Loss Given Rate & Exposure in a helicopter view. • Back-tested and stress-tested the hypotheses using SPSS and Excel.

Avic Capital Co., Ltd. | Jul 2010 - Nov 2012

Block Trader

• Purchased and sold in the over-the-counter market when needed. • Monitored the market volatility, carried out trades, and maintained accounts in the AGI platform. • Demonstrated well-establish corporation with research and strategy department on the trend of macroeconomics. • Conducted research on companies in the automobile industry (e.g., business model, profitability, solvency). • Tracked record of trading targets’ price volatility in a dynamic environment. • Managed 15% of the company portfolio (both individual and institution clients).

My Education

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Master's degree, Financial Risk Management (STEM Certified)Northern Illinois University | 2020
Master's degree, AccountingNorthern Illinois University | 2019
Bachelor, EconomicsBeihang University | 2008

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