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Competition - motorcycle parts


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CIHEB K | Oct 2021 - Present

Data officer

Transitioned to the Connect Program Overseeing all data analysis and monitoring and evaluation activities in the facility. Responsibilities. • Ensure timely data collection, compilation verification and reporting. • Ensure data quality in the Electronic Medical Record and ensure the smooth running of the system • Conduct monthly Data review meetings, Data quality checks to identify gaps and areas of improvement • Provide technical support to the facility staff, conducting strategic Information CMEs with the support of the sub-county staff, to ensure understanding of indicators. • Lead in Continuous Quality Activities and ensure updates on the CQI dashboard. • Ensure Data backup into the National Datawarehouse. • Ensure innovation that eases work • Ad hoc reports and any other duties assigned by my supervisor. Some of my achievements in this role include; 1. Got the second runner-up in innovation during the data officers awards 2021/2022. (The goal being offering services at POC, Key Population data collected at the community also needed a way of being POC, and the application Comm Care was going to facilitate in this process as the HMIS team was to work on how to link the app to Kenya EMR.) 2. Consistently reported on time in KHIS and Program data ensuring 100% concordance, with monthly desk reviews documented. 3. Conducted quarterly data quality audits to identify quality gaps and created an action plan to ensure all the gaps are worked on. In the last DQA held there was a gap in the TPT Documentation in Kenya EMR 4. 89% of retrospective data entry into Kenya EMR in PREP, Key Population, CARE AND TREATMENT, AND PMTCT MODULE done as we implement Point Of care services. 5. Weekly pushing of data in the National Data Warehouse and back up into the common program server and hard disk.
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LVCT HEALTH | Jan 2021 - Sep 2021

Data officer

A roving Data officer at LVCT health under the DARAJA PEPFAR funded Grant that offers Key Population testing services, prevention services, and care and treatment services in Nairobi and Kiambu counties as per my supervisor’s delegation. Responsibilities • Ensuring the update of the Daraja tracker to monitor program progress. • Entering client’s personnel data and ensuring accurate personnel data flow to and from various databases. • Overseeing the collection, storage, management, quality, and protection of data. • Implementing data privacy policies and complying with data protection regulations. • Conduct data validity and accuracy audits to ensure the quality of the data in the system • Generate daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports to monitor the program performance. Some of my achievements in this role included; 1. Timely update of Daraja Tracker and 100% concordance between the data sources and the tracker. 2. 100% concordance between FLEX, KHIS, program Data, and Daraja Tracker.

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BSc Biostatistics in StatisticsJomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology | 2020

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Agnes Waiyego

As a data analyst, I have a passion for learning SQL, R, and Python to equip myself with the necessary skills required for professional data analysis, visualization, and querying. I am constantly striving to improve my skills and knowledge,

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