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Augusto César Faria de Oliveira

Augusto César Faria de Oliveira

Data Scientist Senior | Machine Learning Engineer

ISH Tecnologia | Curitiba, Brasil


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Investigating Netflix Movies and Guest Stars in The Office

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Introduction to Python

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Investigating Netflix Movies and Guest Stars in The Office

Data explorer, embarking on expeditions to uncover hidden insights.

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Introduction to Python


Intermediate Python


Investigating Netflix Movies and Guest Stars in The Office

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HVAR Consulting | Jun 2022 - Feb 2023

Machine Learning Engineer Specialist

Development of applications within the Google Cloud environment (GCP), using tools to deploy models, Big Query, VertexAI, GCS, among others. Computer vision applications developed for mobile applications, time series for measuring products according to demand and solutions for optimizing ML models.
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ISH Tecnologia | Dec 2021 - Present

Data Scientist Senior | Data Architect

Development of applications focused on Information Security. Application of DS and ML techniques to identify systemic anomalies, detection of attack or malware possibilities, application of data modeling techniques to standardize security events, management of billions of documents daily. Using for Python development, ML and DL Algorithms, Statistics applied to data, MongoDB, Elasticsearch and PySpark.

Paraná Banco | Jun 2021 - Dec 2021

Data Scientist

System development for ChatBots and systems automation, using Machine Learning tools to support data handling and processing. Using Python (Flask), NLP (Spacy), NLU (Rasa), Computer Vision (OCR, PyToch, OpenCV). Using Data Science tools for data collection and training of Machine Learning models, namely, Pandas, Numpy and Statistical Calculations.

Grupo Negócios Públicos | Oct 2020 - Jun 2021

Data Scientist

Development of a system for reading public contracts. Development of API's in Python using Flask to receive contracts, Reading and Processing them using Computer Vision (OCR), PyToch and OpenCV to identify contract signatures, classification of contracts to respond to specific models of capturing Entities and Intents previously trained in an NLP(Spacy). Return of data after reading and identification in an API to complement a WebService for filling in contract data.

PGMais | Mar 2020 - Feb 2021

Data Scientist

Development of systems using Artificial Intelligence with bots on Watson, Slots, Digression, Integration with Serverless functions, IBM Cloud, Continuous delivery, NLP (Natural Language Processing), Messenger (Whatsapp, SMS), Voice Chat, NodeJS, No database relational (MongoDB), Python, API Rest.

Selettra | Jul 2019 - Feb 2020

Data Scientist

Development of software for autonomous and natural navigation robots. Project Analysis, functional analysis and software development in C, C++ and Python, using Linux OS.

My Education

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Bachelor’s Degree in MathematicsUninter | 2023
Associate Degree in Analysis and Systems DevelopmentUniversidade Positivo | 2020

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Augusto César Faria de Oliveira

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