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Ajay John Alex

Ajay John Alex


MSc Data Science Student

Nottingham Trent University


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Introduction to Python

Data whisperer, listening closely to the stories hidden within the numbers.

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Intermediate SQL


Introduction to Python


Intermediate Python

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Data Analyst Associate

Data Analyst Associate

Data Literacy

Data Literacy

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My Work Experience

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Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University | Oct 2023 - Present

Data Analyst

• Optimize existing PowerBI dashboards. • Automate current Jobs using Azure Functions. • Optimizing GitHub Codebase for scalability and transitioning to a microservice architecture. • Restructuring Database in Azure Data Studio.
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ClicFlyer | Oct 2022 - Sep 2023

Software Engineering Consultant (Part-Time)

• Developed and implemented a proof of concept for an innovative image segmentation model demonstrating advanced Technical Proficiency. Built a model to identify sub-images and offers of a Flyer page for online retailers of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). • The model would reduce the current manual cropping time of offers by 90%. Model optimisation and accuracy are still in progress.

ClicFlyer | Apr 2022 - Sep 2022

Software Engineer

Responsibility: To increase the accuracy and efficiency of the product mapping tool (Text Auto Fill Optimizer). Impact: Created a module with multiple APIs that searches for the product name in the azure indexer. Increasing efficiency by 20-25% and accuracy by 15-20%. Responsibility: Create an Image Comparison Tool which Identifies duplicate images to increase processing speed. Impact: This module has 2 APIs which are used using azure functions and azure queues along with OpenCV for image comparison and Cron Jobs for scheduling. It improved the efficiency by 66% and is now at an accuracy of 99.7%.

ClicFlyer | Apr 2021 - Mar 2022

Data Analyst

Responsibility: Develop a rule-based recommendation tool for retailers to optimize offers. Impact: The recommendation tool gives retailers insights into the frequency of promotions, the optimal price range of the product, and the product placement in promotional flyers. The tool helps retailers plan product promotions by comparing data points across multiple competitors. Responsibility: Developing a Text Classification model that would correctly classify brands and products to reduce data errors when mapping SKUs to brands or products. Impact: The brand classification system achieved 97.5% accuracy in brand prediction, and the product classification system achieved 97% accuracy in product prediction.

ClicFlyer | Aug 2020 - Mar 2021

Junior Data Analyst

Responsibility: As the project manager, scope out the workflow, database structure and new (Leaflet Project) tool specification to handle standalone client requirements. Impact: I managed the timeline and optimised the team to ensure timely data delivery. 3 years of historic and current ongoing data were delivered for 12 countries in the MENA region in a span of 6 months using the new tool. Responsibility : Improve existing outlier detection methods to provide better data accuracy. Impact: New logical checks and statistical methods were added to the dashboard to highlight common data error scenarios, increasing outlier detection from 8-10% to 15-17%.

ClicFlyer | Mar 2020 - Jul 2020

Data Analyst Intern

Responsibility: Create an API for an app feature called 'Buy Online' which allows users to be redirected to the product or search page of the retailer's e-commerce site. Impact: Increased user engagement for the app by 13%-15% within the first week of the new feature. Onboarding of over 60+ existing clients for the new feature. Responsibility: Complete a Web scraping POC to ensure that offers that are "In stock" have the Buy Online tag. Impact: Completed the POC for over 10 retailers in KSA and used SQL server to manage the scraped data and ensure that only "In stock" offers have the Buy Online tag associated with them. Developed an online pricing dashboard for visualization of the scraped data, which increased web scraping and price tracking feasibility.

MindScroll | Sep 2019 - Nov 2019

Data Science Intern

• Engineered a keyword extraction tool to increase blog accessibility by 65% by identifying key terms in company course material blogs. Integrated the tool with an existing web application via Flask API and deployed it on a Linux system. • Prototyped a proctoring application using OpenCV and TensorFlow, which improved efficiency and accuracy by 30%. Documented the pipeline and functionalities of both projects.

SirionLabs | Jan 2019 - Jul 2019

QA Intern

Responsibility: Complete QA test on Weekly deliverables for new features to the App. Impact: Set up the entire QA environment for my team and ensure all features are updated to the latest version. Automated repetitive tasks to reduce redundant QA tests. Managed and guided new QA members to the existing procedures.

My Education

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Master of Science - MS, Data ScienceNottingham Trent University | 2024
Bachelor of Technology - BTech, Computer ScienceMaharshi Dayanand University | 2019
12th, Science St. Pauls School | 2015

About Me

Ajay John Alex

Experienced Data Scientist skilled in predictive modelling, machine learning, Python, SQL, Spark, Snowflake & Power BI. Proficient in analysing large datasets, identifying trends, and providing effective solutions to drive business decisions.

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