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Kaiser Permanente


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Kaiser Permanente | Jul 2021 - Jan 2024

Lead Data Scientist

Led the Business Analytics team composed of 4 data scientists and 2 business analysts, supporting data visualization and analytics projects for Membership Administration and operations leadership. The team worked on descriptive and predictive analysis projects for multiple lines of businesses including Commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, Individual & Family. • Launched a 2-year training program in Python Programming and Data Science methods and tools to develop predictive analytics skills in the team. Created training materials and delivered to team members over more than 500 hours of in-person training sessions. • Performed consultation to Membership Admin Quality Program leaders identifying pain points and resolving through data automation and data analytics. • Built Analytics dashboards using Tableau for analysis of Quality Program data identifying key areas of opportunities for improving quality scores of activities performed. • Performed Analysis and built analytics dashboard to help track performance and identify coaching opportunities for remote workers working on various workstreams for all LOBs. • Developed data automation dashboard workflows from manual to automated providing real-time updates on intakes progress and other key operational KPIs saving 240 hours/yr. • Automated a manual data extraction process used by Ops Support, collecting data from various sources, and updating a staffing capacity model reducing efforts by 140 hours/yr. • Used Python to develop Timeseries Machine Learning model providing a 30-day forecast of the Group Suspense balance for Delinquency and Receivable team for operational planning. • Used Python to develop NLP tools to perform Topic Analysis on customer support call logs to identify important areas of opportunities for process improvement. • Performed Sentiment Analysis (NLP) of employee survey responses identifying areas of opportunities for improving employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention. • Used Python to interface with Tableau server collecting latest data sources update times for improving data quality and reliability of critical operational dashboards for KPI tracking.
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Chegg (Thinkful) | Sep 2018 - Dec 2021

Data Science Mentor (part-time, remote)

Mentored Data Science students through personal 1:1 coaching sessions and group technical sessions aiding in preparing for a successful career in Data Science.

Electric Power Group | Jul 2005 - Jul 2021

Data Science and Products Lead

Managed and led development of data visualization and analysis products performing real-time data visualization and analysis of streaming sensor data from power grid. Developed functional specifications, data processing and visualization algorithms, and test plans for development and testing of data products. • Collaborated with customers and SMEs identifying opportunities, pain points, and use cases, and designed and developed solutions meeting/exceeding customer needs. • Led Data Science projects and used Python and R programming language to develop machine learning models to automate identification of data quality issues and prediction of abnormal system conditions, anomalies, and events. • Performed data mining of large-scale time-series sensor data sets identifying system baseline behavior and detection of data quality issues. • As QA manager, developed test plans and led testing and validation cycles of data products resulting in faster product development and a 40% reduction in customer reported issues. • Used Python and R to perform statistical analysis of sensor time-series data and developed models and dashboards to visualize and analyze real-time data and performance indicators. • Enhanced power grid system operators’ ability to take timely action mitigating power system events by developing models/dashboards analyzing real-time data indicators.

MISO Energy | Apr 2020 - May 2021

Lead Data Scientist (part-time, remote)

Performed data analysis and developed Machine Learning models predicting seasonal patterns of metrics and clustered system conditions for resource allocation and long-term planning. • Performed clustering analysis of seasonal patterns by grouping days of year into seasons based on system risk identifying high-risk seasons for operational resource planning. • Optimized resource allocations and reduced operational expenses by performing time-series prediction of Net Scheduled power flow Interchanges across the jurisdictional boundaries, which outperformed the existing prediction algorithm performance by 50%.

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Master of Science in Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of Florida | 2004
B.Tech. in Mechanical EngineeringIndian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras | 2001

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