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John Lore Alay-ay

John Lore Alay-ay


Data Engineer

Polytechnic University of the Philippines | Philippines


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Introduction to Python

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SQL Associate

SQL Associate

Data Analyst Associate

Data Analyst Associate

Data Engineer Associate

Data Engineer Associate

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Confidential | Oct 2022 - Present

Data Engineer Consultant

•Developed robust ETL processes to extract, transform, and load data into data warehouses and target systems, ensuring seamless data integration. •Optimized database objects, including tables, views, indexes, and stored procedures, to enhance data integration and reporting efficiency. •Worked closely with stakeholders to understand data requirements and translate them into technical specifications for ETL workflows. •Implemented rigorous data quality checks and error handling mechanisms to maintain data accuracy and integrity throughout the ETL lifecycle. •Conducted performance tuning of ETL jobs and SQL queries, improving data processing efficiency and reducing processing time. •Documented ETL processes, data mappings, and technical specifications to facilitate knowledge transfer and ensure compliance with organizational standards. •Provided extensive production support and troubleshooting assistance for ETL processes and database-related issues, ensuring uninterrupted data flow. •Crafted and developed dynamic PowerBI reports and dashboards, fostering data visualization and enhancing decision-making processes. •Engaged with stakeholders to elicit requirements and grasp business needs, translating them into impactful data visualizations. •Constructed data models and datasets within PowerBI, ensuring the accurate representation of underlying data structures. •Applied data cleansing, transformation, and aggregation methodologies to prepare data for visualization purposes. •Enhanced report performance and user experience by refining queries and optimizing data models. •Provided continuous support and troubleshooting assistance to users, addressing data visualization and report functionality issues promptly.
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DXC Philippines | Mar 2022 - Sep 2022

Data Engineer

•Led end-to-end development of ETL pipeline solutions using Azure Data Factory and Azure Databricks, orchestrating the fetching, ingestion, transformation, and loading of data to ensure its readiness for business analysis. •Conducted data modeling for database tables, aligning the structure with the characteristics of the processed data sources to optimize efficiency and usability. •Crafted database objects within SQL Server to support the storage, retrieval, and manipulation of data, ensuring robust and scalable solutions for business needs.

Lingaro Philippines | Sep 2018 - Mar 2022

Technology Consultant

Data Engineer •Designed and constructed PowerBI reports and dashboards, managing all aspects including dataset creation and database object development. •Enhanced and maintained ETL pipelines using Knime, Informatica Powercenter, and Azure Data Factory, ensuring efficient data processing. •Utilized Azure Databricks to build data frames, delta tables, and streams, facilitating the integration of diverse data sources to generate actionable insights for business users. •Expanded the functionality of ETL pipelines by developing and refining database objects such as procedures and packages. •Created reusable and parameterized SQL scripts to enhance analysis, investigation, and monitoring capabilities in operational settings. •Conducted thorough analysis of operational processes, identifying areas of inefficiency and waste, and implemented targeted actions to streamline operations and enhance client satisfaction. DataOps Specialist •Monitored various processes and jobs including Informatica, Azure, and database materialization to ensure timely and accurate processing of source files for business reporting. •Managed the Service Now ticketing system, monitoring ticket progress and resolving issues promptly based on priority. •Oversaw the extraction of data from SAP using tools like Bex Analyzer and Analysis for Office, and processed it within Knime, Azure Data Factory, or Informatica workflows. •Proactively addressed data processing issues, promptly resolving them to minimize disruption to business operations, and maintained transparent communication with stakeholders regarding issue status and resolution progress.

Accenture Philiipines | Apr 2013 - Sep 2018

Senior Software Engineer

Developer (Database/ETL/Data Warehouse/ERP) •Designed and implemented application programs utilizing Oracle Apps R12 for an Australian logistics firm, encompassing database objects, workflows, and concurrent programs. •Spearheaded the development of SAP Hana SQL scripts for a Japanese retail firm to streamline legacy migration into SAP, automating manual processes and enhancing efficiency. •Led the creation of fact and dimension tables, procedures, packages, and ETL workflows using Informatica for a Datawarehouse project serving a German financing institution. •Engineered PowerShell scripts to automate manual POS checking and troubleshooting processes for an American arts and crafts retail chain, ensuring operational continuity. •Conducted in-depth process analysis, identifying areas of improvement for an American arts and crafts retail chain, resulting in the implementation of strategic actions that led to over 90% cost savings. •Implemented a PL/SQL package automating scheduled SQL script execution for a major national health insurer in the USA, resulting in significant resource savings. •Provided support to QA and Ops teams by developing reusable SQL scripts and enhancing existing scripts to optimize performance for a large national health insurer in the USA. Application Support •Monitored service and change request queues, ensuring timely assignment and resolution by team members. •Reviewed SQL and PL/SQL code to enforce coding standards and best practices among developers. •Orchestrated deployment plans in production environments and oversaw completion of code deployments. •Played a key role in client activities such as customer billing, fix/code deployments, and enrollments, providing end-to-end support. •Led a team of five as the designated database specialist, ensuring seamless operations and support delivery.

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Bachelor of Science in Eletcronics Engineering in ElectronicsPolytechnic Univesity of the Philippines | 2012

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John Lore Alay-ay

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