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Ahmad Alashmony

Ahmad Alashmony

Lead Advanced Analytics Engineer

ITWorx | Cairo


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My New Course

Credit Risk Modeling in Python

My New Course

Big Data Fundamentals with PySpark

My New Track

Big Data with PySpark

Lead Advanced Analytics Engineer and a Certified Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst with the most modern Data Analysis, ETL, BI, and Machine learning techniques in hand. Helps customers in their digital transformation and Data Science, BI, and AI Applications, before this, I worked for a Microfinance institution with more than 7 successful projects. This comes after a year as a Planning and Budgeting consultant with both Oracle Hyperion and Jedox. with more than 9 success stories. Also participated in implementing 3 projects at the National Bank of Egypt.

My Work

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Big Data Fundamentals with PySpark


Improving Query Performance in PostgreSQL


Cleaning Data with PySpark


Data Science for Business


Credit Risk Modeling in Python


Understanding Data Engineering


Data-Driven Decision Making for Business


AWS Cloud Concepts


Deploying and Maintaining Assets in Power BI


Data Governance Concepts


Introduction to ChatGPT


Introduction to PySpark


Introduction to Version Control with Git


Risk and Returns: The Sharpe Ratio


Introduction to Python for Finance


Introduction to Python


Intermediate Python


Pandas Playground


My Certifications

These are the industry credentials that I’ve earned.

Other Certificates

CFA Institute CFA Level I

Udacity Data Analysis Nanodegree

Harvard University CS50x Introduction to Computer Science

DataCamp Course Completion

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My Work Experience

Where I've interned and worked during my career.

ITWorx | Jul 2022 - Present

Advanced Analytics Lead Engineer

- Analyze business requirements to find the main insights needed for each business user to optimize performance and follow-up progress. - Check for the most suitable technical solution in terms of capabilities, speed, and pricing to increase the ROI for the project to the maximum available. - Prepare the implementation plan based on the needs and time needed for each to: * Enable customers to benefit as soon as possible * Make users comforted and able to use the solution * Make any needed enhancements - Implement the project based on the business needs and enhance the workflow to reduce the time needed to finish tasks - Enhance the solution smoothly with the increase in business requirements, data size, and new technologies became available.
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Basata for Microfinance Solution | Jul 2020 - Jul 2022

Digital Transformation Supervisor

- Responsible for full FinTech transformation using MIS Applications, Data Science, Automation tools, and other modern technologies: ◦ Building the FinTech digital transformation plan for the company ◦ Gathering the Business requirement for different departments ◦ Following the Digital Transformation plan for the group • MIS Digitization: ◦ Making business analysis for all business units and documenting it ◦ Find the best solutions to satisfy the business requirements ◦ Budget the project return over its lifetime and prepare the financial model ◦ Implement solutions and if applicable ◦ Organize and prepare for demos with different vendors ◦ Help the management to choose the most suitable vendor ◦ Follow-up with the vendor during the implementation phase ◦ Testing the solution both technically and functionally with other Business users to verify its efficiency ◦ Feeding back the Business users and the Digital Transformation Committee with updates periodically • Data Science Applications: ◦ Partner with any Data Analysis process ◦ Communicating with AI, ML, and DL partners to build robotic solutions ◦ Building other AI solutions to meet Business Requirements • Automation tools: ◦ Using Automation tools such as SQL Agent and MS Flow to finish periodic business tasks automatically ◦ Writing Python codes to finish other periodic technical and business tasks.

Azdan Business Analytics | Oct 2019 - May 2020

Planning and Budgeting Consultant

Jedox: - Worked on the implementation of two projects one of them is an Education institute, the second one is the General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) in the UAE: - Made planning and budgeting forms and reports that suit the customers’ needs and meet best practices for financial and non-financial data. - Used ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load data) to process data and upload both data and Metadata with different connection types to different data sources (including ERP systems, SQL, Oracle, Excel files, CSV files, and other sources) in the way matches application design. - Create tools for Indirect Expenses Allocation to help financial management to allocate their indirect expenses based on different assumptions. - Create Financial Reports for both internal and external users to meet the target of each report. - Create Dashboards to answer the most important questions and tell stories about the firms’ performance. Oracle PBCS/Hyperion: - Supports more than four current customers in different sectors like Transportations, FMCG, Pharmacy, Restaurant management, and a project for tax reporting: * Data Integration with different source files using Oracle FDMEE. * Making forms for Data Preview and Data Entry. * Using web studio to make printable reports. * Apply Metadata updates and modifications. - Worked in Two new projects implementation one of them in Investment Banking and the other is a multi-sector company that works in (FMCG, Home, and Office Furniture, Home Appliances, Kitchen Equipment, Pharmacy, and Medical, Sport and fashion, Tourism, and Real Estate).

National Bank of Egypt (NBE) | May 2018 - Jun 2019

Senior Banker & Banker

- Managed a portfolio consisting of more than a hundred twenty large corporate customers in different sectors, credit lines, and legal entity types. - Worked on the implementation and testing for ECR on the customer side and as the first banker in Egypt to record collateral on it. This project raised Egypt ranking in (Doing Business) report. (11th of Mar. 2018) - Implement an application to reduce the time used to make monthly reports from five working days to about one minute by automating the task. (Nov. 2016) - Worked on testing the implementation of the Flexcube (The core banking system) which is the biggest project for the NBE since the 1980s. (Apr. 2016) - Raise bank profit by more than 600 million L.E by keeping collaterals up-to-date. - Managed more than 70% of the total leasing portfolio refinanced by the bank. (May 2015: Jun 2019)

Orange | Dec 2014 - Apr 2015

Customer Service Agent

Customer service in the call center for Orange: ▪ Help more than a hundred customers daily to know more info about products, services and promotions. ▪ Take some actions for the customers if requested. ▪ Resolve customer complaints, escalate or send it to the specialized department.

My Education

Take a look at my formal education

Bachelor's degree, Accounting and Finance in AccountingAl-Azhar University | 2013

About Me

Ahmad Alashmony

Data Analyst, BI Analyst, and digital transformation supervisor, with more than 7 successful projects in the current company after a year as an EPM consultant with more than 9 projects. Also participated in the implementation of 3 projects at the NBE

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