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EU Business School | Feb 2023 - Present

Head of Academic Operations & Quality

- Oversight & Team Leadership: Overseeing all academic operations at the Barcelona campus, successfully managing a dynamic team of over 40 professionals. Ensuring positive academic experiences for 1600+ students across various undergraduate and master's programs. - Strategic Operations Management: Aligning campus operations with institutional objectives. Developing and executing strategic plans to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of academic programs. - Student Experience & Learning Enhancement: Committed to enhancing student experiences and learning outcomes through innovative practices and continuous improvement. - Resource Optimization: Led initiatives in budgeting, staffing, and facility management, achieving significant reductions in operational costs without compromising the quality of educational services. - Quality Assurance & Compliance: Steering alignment with quality assurance processes, maintaining adherence to accreditation standards. Implementing assessment frameworks to elevate program quality and student satisfaction. - Teambuilding: Skilled in faculty and admin community creation, fostering collaborative and supportive academic environments. - Faculty Engagement & Workload Management: Initiating and managing programs aimed at reducing faculty workload and fostering stronger faculty- student engagement, resulting in more interactive and effective learning environments.
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EAE Business School | Sep 2021 - Feb 2023

International Coordination Manager & Educator

- Residential Program Management: Expertly managed short-term residential programs for national and international master's programs, both in Spain and internationally. Oversaw logistics, planning, and budgeting to ensure seamless experiences. - Collaborative Liaison: Established successful partnerships with service providers and academic program directors, enhancing program quality and participant satisfaction. - Professional Skills Course Development & Teaching: Designed and taught the Professional Skills class, encompassing ethics, corporate social responsibility, linguistic theory, effective public speaking, metacognitive awareness, and strategies against disinformation. - Curriculum Design & Implementation: Curated and implemented engaging syllabi, aligning course content and activities with learning objectives set by Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC) and EAE. - Student Mobility Coordination: Managed and coordinated ERASMUS and Study Abroad programs, facilitating international student mobility. - Global Partnership Liaison: Collaborated with international departments in partner institutions worldwide. - Academic Tutoring: Guided undergraduate students in developing their dissertations, focusing on business plans.

Universitat Pompeu Fabra | Oct 2020 - Jul 2021

Research Assistant in TIDE Research Group

- Frontend Development: Played a collaborative role in the frontend development of the group's proprietary ILDE+ MVC framework across multiple iterations, demonstrating strong technical expertise. - Disinformation Research: Engaged in cutting-edge research focusing on online disinformation, contributing to the development of gamified solutions for digital literacy as part of the EU-sponsored "Courage" project.

Acid Labs Chile | Jul 2015 - Sep 2017

Project Manager

- Project Leadership: As a Project Manager, I was responsible for planning, overseeing, and documenting all aspects of client projects, bridging the gap between technical web development and client services. My role ensured timely completion of projects, client satisfaction, and efficient team workflow. - Technical and Design Skills: Additionally worked as a junior backend/frontend programmer, designer, and UX specialist. This multidisciplinary involvement provided me with a comprehensive understanding of project challenges, enhancing my management capabilities. - Key Responsibilities: Managed time schedules and oversaw the development process from inception to completion. Led teams of developers for each client project, ensuring technical requirements were met and quality standards upheld. - Client Engagement & Technical Liaison: Acted as the primary point of contact for clients, translating technical requirements into actionable plans. - Process Documentation & UX Design: Focused on documenting key processes through flowcharting and provided UX design consultation, bringing innovative ideas to fruition. - Technical Proficiency: Engaged in junior backend programming (RoR), including model design, CRUD, RESTful APIs, and third-party API integration. Conducted market analysis and benchmarking. - Frontend Development & WordPress Expertise: Skilled in basic frontend and responsive design, wireframing for web/mobile apps, and managing WordPress site development. - Project Management Excellence: Proficient in SCRUM and Agile methodologies, ensuring seamless coordination across development, production, and DevOps teams. - Collaborative Tools Usage: Utilized Git/GitLab/GitHub for collaborative development.

MarketGreen | Dec 2013 - Jan 2015

Business and Operations Manager

- Startup Management: I singlehandedly managed a variety of tasks, enhancing my adaptability and problem-solving skills. My role spanned from project management to technical programming, involving direct client interactions and innovative solutions. This experience significantly contributed to the operations and honed my professional versatility. - Strategic Development & Financial Management: Led the strategic and commercial operations at MarketGreen, a startup dedicated to facilitating material recycling from graphic campaigns. Managed financial aspects and executed marketing plans. - Team Supervision & Relationship Management: Supervised a small team, defined processes and tasks, and maintained key account management. Fostered relationships with suppliers and managed MVP development to meet customer and market needs. - Achievements: Contributed to MarketGreen’s recognition as a Green Startup in 2013, supported by CORFO and UDD.

Independent Consultant | Sep 2010 - Present

Legal & Technical Translator (Japanese, English, Spanish) | Independent Language Consultant

- Language Mastery: True bilingual native speaker with extensive experience in translating and proofreading technical and legal documents between English and Spanish. - Japanese to English Translation Expertise: Proficient in translating complex materials from Japanese to English, leveraging years of experience and deep cultural understanding. - Extensive Professional Experience: Seasoned translator with a robust track record of precision and reliability in delivering high-quality translations.

The Austral Group | May 2008 - Dec 2013

Client Services and Marketing Associate

- Marketing Leadership: Spearheaded the marketing initiatives, crafting and managing a diverse range of materials to effectively promote our study programs and tours. My innovative marketing strategies played a key role in enhancing the visibility and appeal of our offerings. - Technical Systems Management: I was responsible for overseeing the technical systems for student registration and web dissemination, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly process. My focus on system efficiency and reliability significantly improved the registration experience for students. - Collaboration with Sales: Worked closely with the sales team, providing them with up-to-date information and insights on study programs and tours. This synergy between marketing and sales ensured consistent messaging and maximized the impact of our promotional efforts. - Student Support: Provided direct assistance to MBA students from Businessweek's Top 100 business schools, enhancing their educational travel experiences across Latin America. - Program Coordination: Acted as a liaison with academic teams to develop effective itineraries tailored to each study program's needs. Facilitated visits to local companies and universities. - Visa and Information Management: Assisted in visa processing and provided essential information for students traveling to various LATAM destinations. - University Partnerships: Managed relationships with local universities to offer internships, summer schools, and exchange opportunities for foreign students. - On-site Assistance: Ensured the quality and efficiency of services and team efforts during study program itineraries. - Promotional Activities: Created webinars and promotional events to support the commercial team’s efforts

Latitud90 | Oct 2007 - May 2008

Operations Assistant and Sales Executive

- Market Expertise: Specialized in managing sales operations for the US and Japan markets, leveraging extensive knowledge in these regions to drive growth and customer engagement. - Customer Relationship Management: Excelled in building and maintaining strong relationships with clients, ensuring satisfaction and loyalty. Played a pivotal role in promoting country-specific tourism offerings. - Specialist Tourism Focus: Led the charge in specialist tourism, curating unique and tailored experiences that set us apart in the competitive market. - Operational Support: Assisted in operational tasks, contributing to the smooth functioning of day-to-day activities. - Language Instruction: Utilized my language skills as an in-house foreign language instructor, enhancing team communication skills and cultural understanding, critical for international market success.

YMCA | Mar 2005 - Apr 2006

English Second Language Instructor

- Language Teaching Expertise: Experienced in teaching languages to both children and adults, specializing in courses for Japanese learners. My teaching approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of each age group and proficiency level. - Business English Coaching: Skilled in coaching professionals in Business English, enhancing their communication skills for the global business environment. Provided guidance on effective presentation techniques and business etiquette. - Presentations Coach: Assisted clients in refining their presentation skills, focusing on clarity, confidence, and impact. My coaching has enabled clients to deliver compelling presentations in various professional settings. - Translation & Interpretation Services: Offered professional translation and interpretation services, bridging language barriers in diverse contexts. My linguistic proficiency has facilitated effective communication in both business and casual settings.

My Education

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MSc in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media (IT)Universitat Pompeu Fabra | 2021
MA in Legal Translation and Court InterpretingUniversitat Autònoma de Barcelona | 2019
PgDip in MarketingUniversidad Mayor | 2013
MSc in Environmental Science and Renewable EnergyIUSC, Universitat de Barcelona | 2010
BA in Japanese / Management Studies (joint honours)Durham University | 2003

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