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Alex Scharifker

Alex Scharifker

Product Manager

Mego Afek LLC | Austin Metro Area, TX


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Are Netflix Movies getting shorter?


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Mego Afek LLC | Aug 2023 - Present

Finance Program Manager

Accounting Process Optimization: Assess and analyze existing accounting processes and procedures. Develop and implement strategies to optimize efficiency and accuracy in financial transactions. Streamline workflows to enhance overall financial operations. Platform Development: Spearhead the design and implementation of a personalized platform for financial and accounting operations. Collaborate with IT and other relevant departments to ensure seamless integration and functionality. Financial and SEC Reporting: Lead the preparation and submission of accurate and timely financial reports. Stay abreast of changes in accounting regulations and ensure compliance with SEC reporting requirements. Work closely with internal and external stakeholders to communicate financial performance and compliance status. SOP and Compliance Guidelines: Develop and document standard operating procedures (SOPs) for all financial processes. Establish and enforce compliance guidelines to ensure adherence to industry regulations and internal policies. Conduct regular audits to assess compliance and identify areas for improvement. Collaboration and Communication: Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure alignment of financial processes with overall business objectives. Provide regular updates to executive leadership on financial performance, process improvements, and compliance status.
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Gembah | Dec 2022 - Aug 2023

Regional Director for the Americas

Lead a team of 5 Product Managers for North and South America. Manage overall operations and product management efforts for accounts in the American market. Supervised and collaborated on the development of over 60 different consumer goods products. Key Accomplishments as Regional Director for the Americas at Gembah: Revenue Growth and Market Expansion: Spearheaded successful market expansion initiatives in the Americas, resulting in a notable increase in revenue and market share. Developed and executed strategic plans to penetrate new markets and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Strategic Partnerships: Established key strategic partnerships with major clients, fostering collaborative relationships and driving mutual business growth. Negotiated and closed high-value deals, contributing significantly to the overall business objectives. Team Leadership and Development: Led a high-performing regional team, providing strategic direction and fostering a culture of excellence. Implemented training programs and mentorship initiatives that resulted in improved team performance and cohesion. Client Satisfaction and Retention: Elevated client satisfaction levels through the implementation of client-centric initiatives and personalized service strategies. Successfully retained key clients by proactively addressing their evolving needs and ensuring the delivery of exceptional value. Product Localization and Customization: Oversaw the localization and customization of Gembah's products to meet the specific requirements of the Americas market. Ensured product offerings were aligned with regional preferences and regulatory standards. Cross-Functional Collaboration: Collaborated with cross-functional teams, including sales, marketing, and product development, to align strategies and streamline operations. Facilitated effective communication channels to ensure cohesive and coordinated efforts across departments. Market Research and Competitive Analysis: Conducted in-depth market research and competitive analysis to stay ahead of industry trends and identify opportunities for innovation. Provided critical insights to the executive team for informed decision-making. Customer Advocacy Programs: Initiated and managed customer advocacy programs to highlight success stories and strengthen Gembah's brand reputation. Utilized satisfied clients as references and case studies to enhance marketing efforts and build credibility. Financial Performance Optimization: Implemented cost-effective measures and operational efficiencies to optimize the financial performance of the Americas region. Met or exceeded financial targets while ensuring prudent fiscal management.

Gembah | Mar 2022 - Dec 2022

Senior Client Success Manager

Key Accomplishments: Client Portfolio Expansion: Successfully expanded client portfolios by identifying upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Contributed to a significant increase in revenue through strategic account management. Client Retention and Renewal Rates: Achieved consistently high client retention rates by fostering strong relationships and providing exceptional service. Exceeded renewal targets through effective communication and value demonstration. Strategic Account Planning: Developed and executed comprehensive strategic account plans for key clients, aligning Gembah's solutions with their business goals. Played a pivotal role in driving mutual success and long-term partnerships. Implementation of Client Success Programs: Introduced and implemented client success programs aimed at increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Led initiatives such as client advisory boards and feedback forums to enhance the overall client experience. Team Leadership and Mentorship: Successfully led a high-performing client success team, providing guidance and mentorship to ensure individual and collective success. Fostered a collaborative team culture focused on client-centricity and continuous improvement. Cross-Functional Collaboration: Collaborated closely with product development and marketing teams to communicate client needs and preferences. Influenced product enhancements and marketing strategies based on client feedback and market trends. Introduction of Proactive Support Initiatives: Implemented proactive support initiatives to anticipate and address client needs before they became challenges. Reduced client issues and increased overall satisfaction through forward-thinking support strategies. Data-Driven Decision-Making: Utilized data analytics to assess client engagement, satisfaction, and product adoption. Informed decision-making processes to enhance client success strategies and identify areas for improvement. Client Advocacy and Reference Programs: Established and managed client advocacy and reference programs to showcase success stories. Leveraged satisfied clients as advocates, contributing to increased brand credibility and attracting new business. Recognition for Excellence: Received internal recognition and awards for outstanding performance in client success and account management. Acknowledged as a key contributor to the overall success of the client success team.

Gembah | Oct 2021 - Mar 2022

Client Success Manager

Key Accomplishments: Client Satisfaction: Consistently achieved high client satisfaction scores, exceeding benchmarks and fostering positive relationships with key clients. Client Retention: Successfully retained and expanded client accounts, contributing to a significant increase in overall client retention rates. Revenue Growth: Played a pivotal role in driving upsell and cross-sell opportunities, resulting in notable revenue growth from existing clients. Strategic Planning: Developed and implemented strategic account plans to align client goals with Gembah's offerings, ensuring mutual success. Responsibilities: Client Onboarding and Training: Guided clients through seamless onboarding processes, ensuring a positive introduction to Gembah's products and services. Conducted comprehensive training sessions to empower clients in maximizing the value of our solutions. Relationship Management: Cultivated and nurtured strong relationships with key clients, serving as their primary point of contact. Regularly engaged with clients to understand their business needs, gather feedback, and identify opportunities for improvement. Issue Resolution and Support: Addressed client inquiries and issues promptly, collaborating with internal teams to provide effective and timely solutions. Proactively identified potential challenges and worked to prevent issues before they impacted client satisfaction. Strategic Account Planning: Developed and executed strategic account plans, aligning Gembah's offerings with clients' business objectives. Explored upsell and cross-sell opportunities to drive revenue growth from existing clients. Product Adoption and Value Realization: Monitored and encouraged the adoption of Gembah's products and features by clients. Worked closely with clients to ensure they realized the full value of their investment in Gembah's solutions.

Gembah | Mar 2021 - Oct 2021

Client Success Coordinator

Client Onboarding Excellence: Successfully led the onboarding process for numerous clients, ensuring a seamless transition onto the Gembah platform. Received positive feedback from clients, highlighting the efficiency and effectiveness of the onboarding experience. Training Program Development: Designed and implemented a comprehensive client training program, enhancing clients' understanding of Gembah's products and features. Increased client self-sufficiency and product adoption through targeted training initiatives. Issue Resolution and Client Support: Proactively addressed client inquiries and concerns, consistently achieving quick and satisfactory resolutions. Maintained a high level of client satisfaction by providing responsive and empathetic support. Process Improvement Initiatives: Identified inefficiencies in existing processes and collaborated with cross-functional teams to implement improvements. Contributed to the streamlining of internal workflows, resulting in increased operational efficiency. Client Communication Enhancement: Implemented regular communication strategies to keep clients informed about product updates, best practices, and relevant industry insights. Strengthened client relationships through transparent and proactive communication. Documentation and Knowledge Base Development: Created and maintained a comprehensive knowledge base and documentation system for clients, reducing the resolution time for common queries. Empowered clients to find answers independently, fostering a sense of self-efficacy. Collaborative Cross-Functional Projects: Actively participated in cross-functional projects, collaborating with teams such as product development, marketing, and sales to improve the overall client experience. Contributed valuable insights and feedback to enhance product functionality and user experience. Client Feedback Implementation: Gathered and analyzed client feedback, translating insights into actionable improvements. Played a key role in incorporating client suggestions into the product development roadmap.

Accenture | Nov 2018 - Mar 2021

General Accounting Operations Analyst

Latin American Markets (LATAM) Manage and execute general accounting processes, including execution of core financial processes such as billing, accounting, recordings, monthly reporting, annual balance, bookkeeping. Provide team support, definition of standards and approaches, and internal/ external client relationship management. Maintain ledgers, statements and accounts within established procedures and take appropriate action to secure or make payment. Verify calculations, allocations and check or obtain information for incorrect or incomplete documents. Reconciliation of payments and accounts in order to maintain accuracy. Provide quality, cost-effective customer service

Accenture | Jun 2017 - Nov 2018

Risk Analyst

Analyze incoming financial transactions made through Facebook in search of potential fraud such as stolen credit cards, illegal purchases and overall fraud trends. Create reports based on fraud trends and identify possible solutions to stop fraud rings through the platform. Create training material and define workflow processes. Perform quality analysis, be capable of identifying root causes and corresponding action items to improve and sustain performance. Applied expertise in data mining and quantitative analysis to understand how fraud is proliferating on the Facebook Payments platform.

Apple via Apex Systems | Jun 2016 - May 2017

Data Analyst

Analyze and curate incoming data for the Apple Maps department and update the app in real time for customer interface. Create reports in order to cross reference company's data with real life maps and transit routes. Fielding and analyzing data from multiple global markets and used to help better an international business product. Responsible for overall accuracy using client specific sources as well as internet and social media sources.

University of Colorado | Sep 2013 - May 2016

Spanish Tutor

Help students with general spanish language questions. Edit and proofread papers. Organize conversation tables.

Charleston Battery | May 2014 - Aug 2014

Summer Internship

Assisted in overall operations of the club. -Payroll -General field maintenance -Ticket sales -Season ticket holder retention strategies -Marketing and half time entertainment

Universidad Simón Bolívar | Jan 2010 - Jun 2010


Press room intern In charge of digitalizing old content Created news blog for newspaper Assisted reporters with general research projects

My Education

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Certification, Product ManagementThe University of Texas at Austin | 2023
Bachelors, EconomicsUniversity of Colorado | 2016
Mass Communication/Media StudiesUniversidad Católica Andrés Bello | 2012
Diploma, French Culture and CivilizationSorbonne University | 2010
High School Diploma Academia Washington | 2009

About Me

Alex Scharifker

Results-driven and multilingual Product Manager with over 7 years of experience in the SaaS industry. Experienced in data analysis, accounting operations, product development, and project management, with a proven ability to adapt and learn quickly.

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