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Alvaro Marcano

Alvaro Marcano

Senior Operations executive

Stuart Delivery LTD


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Stuart | Jan 2023 - Present

Uk Quality Senior Operations Executive

- Drive operational excellence by defining metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure performance and ensure continuous improvement. - Develop and enhance tools and processes to optimise operational efficiency and effectiveness. - Create comprehensive process documentation to streamline operations and ensure consistency. - Lead and deliver medium to large-scale projects, effectively managing resources and timelines to achieve project objectives. - Foster a collaborative work environment, actively promoting teamwork and knowledge sharing among team members. - Mentor and coach team members, providing guidance and support to enhance their skills and professional development. - Analyse data and generate actionable insights to make informed business decisions and drive performance improvements. - Proactively identify areas for process improvement, propose innovative solutions, and lead the implementation of process enhancements. - Led workshops on quality processes and procedures to ensure adherence and consistency across the team. - Monitor industry trends and best practices, continuously seeking opportunities to enhance operational strategies and methodologies.
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Stuart | Apr 2022 - Jan 2023

UK Quality Operations Executive

- Investigated potential fraud activity, employing analytical skills to identify fraudulent patterns and behaviours. - Proposed improvements and actively participated in the implementation and execution of preventative fraud projects. - Utilised Google Sheets and Tableau to create and develop tools for tracking and executing fraud investigations, increasing efficiency and accuracy. - Collaborated closely with cross-functional teams to ensure alignment and effectiveness in fraud prevention efforts. - Developed and implemented process enhancements to optimise efficiency and streamline operations. - Actively contributed to project planning and execution, leading medium-scale projects to successful completion. - Maintained up-to-date knowledge of industry regulations and best practices related to quality operations. - Demonstrated a strong commitment to continuous learning, actively seeking opportunities to expand knowledge and skills in quality management and operations.

Stuart | Aug 2021 - Apr 2022

Junior Fleet Executive

- Led the onboarding process for couriers across multiple areas in the Midlands, ensuring smooth and efficient integration into the fleet. - Provided valuable insights on the driver sign-up journey and recommended improvements to enhance general fleet management processes. - Worked closely with the Courier Operations team to streamline driver onboarding procedures. - Took responsibility for City Ops fleet interaction and engagement, establishing strong relationships with partners and addressing their concerns promptly. - Improved courier virtual engagement format and issue tracking and resolution tools, enhancing communication and problem-solving efficiency. - Collaborated with cross-functional teams to align processes and improve overall fleet performance. - Demonstrated a proactive approach to learning, constantly seeking new opportunities to expand knowledge and enhance expertise in fleet management.

FM Outsource | Oct 2020 - Mar 2021

Monica Vinader Operator/Supervisor

- Served as the primary point of contact between the client and the Customer Service Team, ensuring smooth communication and effective resolution of inquiries and issues. - Tracked key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess team performance, identified areas for development, and provided hands-on training and shadowing for new advisors. - Ensured compliance with customer service norms and client procedures, maintaining high-quality service standards. - Provided clear leadership and direction for individuals and the team, fostering a positive and motivated work environment. - Resolved phone call, email, and chat inquiries and issues from customers, including order tracking, backorders, pending orders, and damaged or defective products, ensuring customer satisfaction. - Kept up to date with product knowledge and promotions to provide accurate and timely information to customers. - Escalated complex or challenging cases to appropriate departments for further resolution. - Demonstrated strong problem-solving skills, resolving customer inquiries effectively and efficiently.

British Airways | Oct 2018 - Oct 2020

Cabin Crew

- Briefing on relevant passenger information and understanding areas of responsibility. - Checking and reporting the presence and condition of emergency equipment. - Demonstrating emergency equipment and safety procedures, as well as ensuring the provision of the same to the relevant passengers. - Coordinating the service, understanding the menu options along with food allergens and available beverages. - Mentoring new entrant peers through shadowing, reporting to the senior cabin crew member, providing motivational and developmental feedback. - Listening and finding solutions to problems on board in an effective manner to ensure customer satisfaction. - Initiating and taking part in the fire as well as medical drills.

Deliveroo | Apr 2016 - Sep 2016

Onboarding Operations

- Worked closely with the Account Management Team to onboard new clients, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. - Provided technical assistance and support to partners and colleagues across the company, addressing their needs and inquiries. - Coordinated equipment delivery to restaurant locations, managing logistics and adapting to last-minute changes. - Scheduled and facilitated installation appointments, ensuring timely and successful setup for partners. - Conducted Deliveroo software and hardware operation training for new partner staff, equipping them with the necessary skills for successful operations. - Collaborated with cross-functional teams to align onboarding procedures and ensure a cohesive experience for partners. - Actively sought feedback from partners to identify areas for improvement and implemented solutions accordingly.

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Alvaro Marcano

Results-driven and data-oriented professional with a strong focus on analysing data, setting measurable KPIs, and driving continuous improvement. Capable of effectively managing and collaborating with teams to create a structured and productive work

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