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Amanda Paiva

Amanda Paiva

Business Intelligence Analyst

Emerge | São Paulo, Brazil


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Introduction to Python

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Emerge | Feb 2023 - Present

Business Intelligence Analyst


Via | Oct 2021 - Feb 2023

Senior Business Analytics | Competitive Intelligence

- Mapping of Market Intelligence business rules, definition of the best metrics and KPIs for performance monitoring and anticipation of market movements - Development of market studies to map opportunities, increase growth and expand market share; generation of business insights - Data analysis and processing, development of automated processes in Databricks - Data visualization: development of dashboards and automated reports in Power BI to support the business area in daily decision making. Technologies: SQL, Power BI, Azure Databricks, Jupyter, Python, PySpark, Excel, Jira, Confluence.
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Banco PAN | Apr 2021 - Oct 2021

CRM Specialist | Customer Insights

- Worked in the CRM department in the field of Technology and Innovation Projects - Development of the Customer Matrix, which mapped opportunities for Marketing/CRM, seeking to increase the cross sell and spend rates, and anticipate the churn of current customers, acting preventively through marketing campaigns - Development of the Customer Map, which compared internal data with data from all over Brazil through Serasa Experian, creating a unique vision of market penetration in all states and performance opportunities for all products and business areas - Leadership of the Social Networks data analysis front: sentiment analysis (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter), competitor monitoring, vision of the evolution of Pan Bank x Competitors' customer sentiment over time and across different marketing channels - Data Product Owner in the LGPD (aka General Data Protection Law) implementation project, mapping of Central Bank of Brazil rules, definition and monitoring of the project scope and benchmarking of the competition in terms of UX and standards used in opt-in/opt-out of marketing channels - Leadership of the Channel Governance front (mainly Whatsapp and Chatbots), definition of policies and guidelines that should be followed by the business areas, meeting with suppliers and monitoring the implementation of solutions and integration with legacy systems, mapping of opportunities and analysis of the standard of tone of voice used in communication. Technologies: Amazon AWS, Amazon S3, AWS Glue, AWS Athena, Amazon QuickSight, Python, SQL, SQL Server, Tableau, Salesforce, Stilingue (Social Listening), Socialbakers, Miro.

Via | Aug 2020 - Apr 2021

Senior Business Analytics | Merchandise Mix

- Leadership of Analytics projects in the Product Assortment, Logistics and Pricing squads - Exploratory data analysis and identification of opportunities for financial gains and cost reduction on all business fronts; generation of actionable insights - Forecast and analysis of product assortment, analysis of distribution and sale of SKU's catalog among +1000 stores in Brazil, definition of opportunities for action - Predictive analysis of e-commerce sales, anticipation of which products should be strategically sent to which distribution centers, reducing operation costs and making the product arrive in 1 day at the customer's home - Delivery of Power BI dashboards to support the business area in daily decision making - Presentation of results and projects in executive forums. Technologies: SQL, Power BI, Azure Databricks, Jupyter, Python, Jira, Confluence.

banco BV | Jun 2019 - Aug 2020

CRM Analytics | Customer Insights

- Construction of customer journeys and mapping of the Life Cycle for all retail products - Analytical and behavioral studies with the objective of proposing more assertive segmentations and marketing campaigns and mapping business opportunities - Development of actionable insights, hypotheses and A/B tests - Next Best Offer (NBO) model - Marketing channel effectiveness study and definition of the best marketing channel for each client - Dashboard construction and presentation of results in Tableau - Development of Market Intelligence studies analyzing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on business continuity and anticipating customer needs. Technologies: SQL, SAS, Hive, Tableau, Adobe Analytics, KNIME Analytics, Olivia AI, Polis (Serasa Experian), Jira.

banco BV | Mar 2019 - Jun 2019

Digital Marketing Analytics

- Audience segmentation strategies in digital media with a focus on acquisition - Construction and monitoring of the conversion funnel for digital channels (Paid Search, Social Media, Maxymiser, SMS, E-mail), follow-up of metrics and campaign performance - Analysis and definition of the best marketing channel for multiple user touchpoints and attribution models - Development of dashboards with 360° view of the client (online and offline). Technologies: SQL, SAS, Tableau, Adobe Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Polis (Serasa Experian).

Marketdata | Apr 2018 - Mar 2019

Business Intelligence Consultant | CRM Analytics

- Development of analytical studies and business insights in the Customer Lifecycle area on the acquisition, onboarding, activation, monetization, retention, churn prevention and wearables (Santander Pass) fronts - Analytical studies to prevent churn and maximize revenue for potential customers -Customer analytics, customer profile analysis and identification of trends and behavior patterns in the area of Credit Cards and Loyalty - Data visualization, dashboard construction, reporting, KPIs and OLAP cubes for mapping opportunities and monitoring performance - Geolocation and geomarketing data analysis and heatmap creation. Client: Santander Bank (Marketing Analytics & CRM department) Technologies: Qlik Sense, Hive, SAS Miner, SAS Guide, Analysis Services (SSAS), Integration Services (SSIS), Visual Studio, SQL Server, SQL.

Multiplus S/A | Jul 2017 - Apr 2018

CRM Analyst | E-commerce & Loyalty Program


Multiplus S/A | Aug 2015 - Jul 2017

Project Management Trainee

- Interface between the Business and IT areas, business analysis, requirements specification and analysis, scope and schedule control, process analysis and modeling (BPMN) - IT focal point in the management of new e-commerce loyalty partnerships, being responsible for monitoring the integration and implementation project of 24 marketplace stores - Development of MIS (Management Information System) and an indicators management dashboard for the sales/commercial team - Development of a report for monitoring the cloud system of the IT department, which increased compliance to the area's processes from 61.62% - Development of scripts in VBA for automating reports in Excel.

Concreaw Engineering | Jan 2014 - Aug 2015

Project Analyst

- Analysis of technical specifications - Development of Engineering and Automation project solutions through the elaboration of technical drawings, modeling, diagrams and layouts - Development of industrial plants, automation projects and control panels in AutoCAD - Preparation of documentation and feeding of worksheets for internal control.

P&D Esthetics and Beauty | Dec 2011 - Nov 2013

Business Analyst

- Direct management of a team of 7 people - Planning and Commercial Intelligence, Development of marketing strategies and actions to engage customers in digital channels, Digital Marketing and CRM - Development of reports to measure results and productivity targets.

My Education

Take a look at my formal education

Diploma of College Studies, International Business ManagementGreystone College | 2023
Postgraduate Degree, Marketing and Digital MediaFundação Getulio Vargas | 2020
Academic Extension (Moscow, Russia), Artificial Intelligence & Decision TheoryВысшая Школа Экономики | 2018
GVPEC, Predictive AnalyticsFundação Getulio Vargas | 2018
Bachelor's degree, Information SystemsFIAP | 2017

About Me

Amanda Paiva

Experienced professional in the fields of Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, CRM and Marketing Analytics in different sectors, developing actionable business insights and data-driven decisions through the analysis of complex data.

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