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Anna-Lena Mädge

Anna-Lena Mädge


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My New Course

Introduction to Statistics

My New Course

Intermediate R

Passionate to learn more about the meaning of data

My Work

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RDocumentation: Control


Course Notes: Writing Efficient R Code


RDocumentation: mtcars

My Certifications

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Other Certificates

University of Helsinki Ethics in AI

University of Helsinki AI in Society

University of Helsinki Core 5G and Beyond

Harvard edx PH125.2x: Data Science: Visualization

University of Helsinki Elements of AI

University of Helsinki Building AI

University of the Basque Country Ethical and legal issues regarding ICT data protection, 4th edition

DataCamp Course Completion

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My Education

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Master in Interdisciplinary Therapy in Mental HealthUniversity of Applied Sciences Magdeburg | 2017
Bachelor in Social WorkUniversity of Applied Sciences Hamburg (HAW) | 2009

About Me

Anna-Lena Mädge

As a social worker I learned to identify problematic circumstances in our society. Analysing and visualising can be very helpful for sharing my knowledge. I'm passionate about learning skills here at data camp.

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