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Atena Saadatpour

Atena Saadatpour

Data Analyst Junior



My Portfolio Highlights

My New Course

Data Manipulation in SQL

My New Course

PostgreSQL Summary Stats and Window Functions

My New Course

Data-Driven Decision Making in SQL

Data philosopher, pondering the mysteries of existence through statistical analysis.

My Work

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Functions for Manipulating Data in PostgreSQL


Introduction to Statistics


Analyze International Debt Statistics

My Certifications

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Other Certificates

Sololearn Introduction to SQL

Sololearn SQL Intermediate

DataCamp Course Completion

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My Education

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DUEF B1 in French studiesRouen university | 2023
Bachelor in English TranslationSheikh Bahaee | 2019

About Me

Atena Saadatpour

I have experience in teaching English as well as translating and interpreting (English to Persian and vice versa). I have decided to retrain as a data analyst and I am currently training in SQL and Python.

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