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Atena Nazem

Atena Nazem


Stockholm Univesity


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Dr. Semmelweis and the Discovery of Handwashing

Analytics maestro, transforming raw data into symphonies of knowledge.

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Introduction to Python


Intermediate Python

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Verified AB | Jun 2014 - Dec 2021


Conducted in-depth research and literature reviews to build a knowledge base for relevant projects. Analyzed speech data and performed analysis to produce detailed reports suitable for use as evidence to support decision-making by relevant authorities. Led a team of analysts and ensured the collection of high- quality speech data by providing feedback and evaluations. Documented recruitment processes for internal quality checks in compliance with ISO standards. Coordinated project assignments, task delegation, and approved vacation requests for selected analysts. • Designed an evaluation solution that allowed managers to instantaneously access the historical performance data of analysts which lead to enhancing managerial oversight, facilitating decision-making for resource allocation, training and development, promotion and rewards, as well as performance review. • Conducted annual performance reviews for selected analysts. • Handled end-to-end project administration, from receiving customer orders to milestone tracking and timely delivery of the final product. • Carried out recruitment and onboarding of analysts, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.
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Master of Science, Computer Science: Decision Support and Data ScienceStockholm University | 2023
Master of Arts, General linguisticsStockholm University | 2014

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Atena Nazem

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