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Adilkhan Tuleubayev

Adilkhan Tuleubayev

Research Associate

Harvard Business School


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My Work Experience

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Harvard Business School | Nov 2022 - Present

Research Associate

Point of Contact: Victoria Ivashina, Lovett-Learned Professor of Finance - Investigated Moody’s and DealScan data on commercial loans with 30M+ observations to resolve the mismatch between previous model-based results and industry facts via fixing loan identifiers.
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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | Jun 2022 - Jul 2022

Course Instructor

Course title: ECON 410 Intermediate Microeconomics - Oversaw curriculum development and implementation in alignment with best UNC practices. - Taught 280+ students from diverse backgrounds and received high evaluation scores (4.73/5 on average). - Boosted students' performance, with them highlighting “engaging presentation, flexible course structure, detailed course notes, and extensive real-life context for the challenging material”.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | Aug 2019 - May 2022

Graduate Teaching Assistant

ECON 400 Introduction to Statistics and Econometrics (Fall 2021, Spring 2022) ECON 410 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (Fall 2020, Spring 2021) ECON 420 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (Fall 2019) ECON 490 Behavioral Economics (Spring 2020) - Prepared lessons according to course outline to deepen student understanding. - Provided relevant and timely feedback on student assignments. - Identified gaps in student understanding and worked with instructors to resolve concerns.

Duke University - The Fuqua School of Business | May 2018 - Jan 2019

Data Analyst

Point of Contact: Christine Moorman, T. Austin Finch, Sr. Professor of Business Administration - Collaborated with researchers and business professionals across the US on marketing/finance topics, with projects leading to a top academic journal publication. - Constructed performance/ marketing capability measures for 1000+ US firms via regression models. - Streamlined the 100k+ executive turnover data by web scraping 20+ company sites (BeautifulSoup). - Solved the missing ad expenditure data problem using a random forest approach (missForest, MICE). - Structured multi-source US firm trademark/patent count data with 1M+ observations.

Duke University | Aug 2018 - Dec 2018

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Point of Contact: Charles Maxwell Becker, Research Professor of Economics Course: ECON 490/690 Soviet and post-Soviet Economic History

Nazarbayev University | Aug 2016 - Jan 2017

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Point of Contact: Berk Yavuzoglu, Assistant Professor of Economics - Performed data cleaning/analysis of a national panel survey data (500k+ observations) and contributed to research on childhood mortality in Indonesia (Tidyverse). - Synthesized 40+ journal articles, presented a condensed review, and improved the economic/econometric model and modify hypothesis testing choices.

My Education

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Master of Science in EconomicsUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | 2022
Master of Arts in EconomicsDuke University | 2019
Bachelor of Arts in EconomicsNazarbayev University | 2017

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Adilkhan Tuleubayev

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