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Felgona Owuor

Felgona Owuor

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Introduction to Statistics

Data virtuoso, playing the strings of information to create harmonious insights.

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Introduction to Statistics


Communicating Data Insights


Introduction to Data

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Christ Church Schools | Jan 2023 - Jun 2023


• Bookkeeping of the Church accounts, performing weekly reconciliations for bank accounts, ensuring accurate records, and identifying inconsistencies using Microsoft Excel. • Tracking petty cash usage • Filing of all the necessary finance documents, including invoices, accounts vouchers, and receipts
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Christ Church Schools | Jun 2022 - Dec 2022


• Planning and scheduling daily and weekly bus routes used by more than 200 students in their daily commute while coordinating with drivers to ensure timely pick‑ups. • Researching cost‑effective transportation routes, overseeing transportation budget control, and recommending new or improved technologies for use in the management of drivers and their assistants. • Conducting weekly safety audits on the school bus, overseeing the maintenance of the school bus, and supervising members of the school bus staff. • Organizing training drills for pupils and teaching staff on the proper usage of the school bus and issuing first aid services to pupils in case of any minor accidents. • Maintaining data on the school bus subscriptions and following up with the parents on the school bus fee payment, school bus register, and real time picking or dropping of each pupil using Microsoft Excel. • Writing daily and monthly reports on the performance of the transport department, maintaining process documentation and reports as well as safety records. • Bookkeeping of the Church accounts, performing weekly reconciliations for bank accounts, ensuring accurate records, and identifying inconsistencies

Top Skills Ltd | Jan 2022 - May 2022


• Designing statistical tools for collecting data and measuring Key Performance Indicators. • Analyzed collected data using Tableau, R, Python and Microsoft Power BI to determine patterns and make forecasts on how to improve approach to the value added to clients. • Made phone calls to clients and scheduled mentor‑ship sessions using Google Calendar and created email alerts to ensure that the clients did not miss the sessions. • Trainedmorethan120clients on identifying their career interests, developing career paths, building their work experience, and resume and cover letter writing. • Wrote detailed reports about every session and recorded the progress of every client using visualization tools on Canva for faster digestion of the data.

FreeLance | Jul 2021 - Dec 2021

Data Analyst

• Completed more than 15 short‑term statistical data entry, data cleaning and analysis projects for clients on freelance sites using Excel, SPSS and R. • Worked with more 10 clients on short term academic research contracts. • Proposal writing

Le Brit Services Ltd | Jan 2021 - Jul 2021


• Collected, entered, and managed financial and employee data • Processed and paid of statutory payments and ensured that these payments were made on time thus saving the company from penalties. • Processed the payroll and forwarded any arising issues to the finance department for swift action. • Filed clients’ corporate tax returns and wrote proposals that were presented to prospective clients. • Tracked the usage of petty cash and conducted general accounting and bookkeeping within the company. • Researched and formulated Standard Operation Procedures for the department of research. • Created content for the firm’s website using the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. • Prepared and edited reports, minutes, letters, memos, and emails and answered phone calls on behalf of the company • Managed office supplies and ordered new supplies as needed. • Maintaining the institution’s filing system

My Education

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Bsc Economics and Statistics in Economics and StatisticsMaasai Mara University | 2020

About Me

Felgona Owuor

I am a graduate of Economics and Statistics. I am seeking skills in Data Science which will help me in generating data-driven economic solutions. I am also looking for data science positions globally.

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