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Benson Edah

Benson Edah


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Introduction to Python

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Exploring the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Market

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Data Analyst Associate

Insights architect, constructing bridges between data and actionable strategies.

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Introduction to SQL


Introduction to Python


Data Analyst Associate

My Certifications

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Data Analyst Associate

Data Analyst Associate

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Datacamp Data Analyst Associate

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My Work Experience

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Modion Communications | Jan 2016 - Present

Head of Markets

Achieved robust data management system that captures accurate and complete data from sales and marketing activities, resulting in increased data integrity. Standardized data collection processes, implemented data quality checks, and ensured secure and accessible data storage, resulting in improved data accuracy and accessibility. Leveraged data from a variety of sources and used tools such as Excel, SQL, Power Query, Power BI to transform raw data into actionable insights, resulting in timely reporting of sales and marketing campaign data that showcased performance of sales and marketing activities. Conducted market research and data gathering geared towards brand development and growth, resulting in the identification of key customer segments and target audiences and the identification of growth opportunities in new market segments, expanding market share by 55%. Evaluated impact of marketing initiatives by tracking and analyzing performance data, resulting in data and results-driven decision making for managing marketing budgets. Developed strategic partnerships with influencers and complementary brands, reinforcing brand authority and maximizing brand awareness through targeted marketing strategies. Presented company as a thought leader at key industry events, resulting in reinforced brand authority. Delivered professional sales presentations, creatively communicating product quality and market comparisons to prospective clients, resulting in increased sales. Coordinated promotional activities and trade shows to increase brand visibility, resulting in increased brand awareness and visibility. Trained high-performing marketing and sales teams, resulting in an increase in team productivity and overall effectiveness. Monitored market trends to remain ahead of competitors, consistently meeting client demands, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and retention.
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Managing Partner

Conducted extensive market research, data gathering and data analysis as a marketing ops analyst, resulting in the development of insightful and strategic pitches for numerous clients and driving business growth. Managed and executed stakeholder engagement for all clients, both within and outside the organization, resulting in improved client satisfaction and retention. Successfully executed both marketing and sales campaigns for clients, resulting in increased lead conversion rates and improved customer acquisition. Played a key role in business development and expansion, both vertically and horizontally within the organization, resulting in increased market share and revenue growth. Oversaw the day-to-day operations of the business, ensuring operational efficiency, productivity and profitability. Implemented strict financial control and reporting processes, ensuring compliance with regulations and company policies and contributing to improved financial performance. Conducted regular training for staff and sales personnel, resulting in improved knowledge and skills and increased productivity.

TQA Communications | Jan 2002 - Mar 2008

Client Service Executive

Conceptualized and executed end-to-end event management and sponsorship property ideation for various clients in Nigeria and Ghana markets. Developed marketing proposals from strategic brainstorming sessions, resulting in successful win-win marketing campaigns for clients. Conducted extensive brand development and event management for clients in Nigeria and Ghana, resulting in increased brand awareness and customer engagement. Maintained positive client relationships by effectively liaising between clients and internal departments to resolve service concerns and improve customer satisfaction and retention. Consistently met service level guidelines for handling time and quality, contributing to improved service quality and customer satisfaction. Managed workflow efficiently to exceed quality service goals, resulting in increased operational efficiency and productivity.

My Education

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Master Business Administration in Business AdministrationObafemi Awolowo University | 2017
Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.), Physics  · (January 1997 - SeptemberUniversity of Benin | 2000

About Me

Benson Edah

I am passionate about the impact of data analysis on business operations in providing relevant insights for informed decision making. I am open to work as a Data Analyst as I desire to bring my problem solving skills to overall business growth.

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