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Benjamin Ellery

Benjamin Ellery


Amarillo ISD | Amarillo, TX


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Introduction to SQL

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Analyzing Students' Mental Health

Data adventurer, fearlessly exploring the vast landscapes of information.

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Exploring London's Travel Network


Analyzing American Baby Names


Analyzing Industry Carbon Emissions


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Texas Board of Education Math Educator Grades 9-12

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Amarillo ISD | Aug 2012 - Present


I'm a high school math teacher at Tascosa High School in Amarillo, Texas. Over the last 12 years, I've taught a variety of math-related subjects: Algebra 1, Geometry (on-level and advanced), Algebra 2, and Statistics (on-level and college-level). My current role is teaching high-school level and college-level Statistics, which I really enjoy because I'm really passionate about data. Through teaching Stats, I've become proficient in many key statistical concepts, such as distribution types, confidence intervals, hypothesis testings, and regression analysis. Through teaching college-level Stats, I've acquired working experience in R-Studio, which is a platform for practicing the R programming language.
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B.A. in Math Education (w/ certification in Math grades 9-12) in MathematicsAngelo State University | 2012

About Me

Benjamin Ellery

I'm a dedicated, driven individual with 12 years of experience teaching high-school level math, casually persuing a new and challenging career in data analytics. I'm also an excellent problem-solver, communicator, and collaborator.

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