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My New Certification

Data Scientist Professional

My New Certification

Data Scientist Associate

My New Course

Introduction to Python

My story is one of self-discovery and relentless curiosity. I delved into data science, initially as a personal interest, and gradually transformed into a data enthusiast through self-learning. Armed with a solid foundation in statistics, machine learning, and data visualization, I've achieved a professional Data Scientist certificate from DataCamp, solidifying my expertise.

My Work

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Introduction to Data Visualization with Matplotlib


Dr. Semmelweis and the Discovery of Handwashing


The Android App Market on Google Play

My Certifications

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Data Scientist


Data Scientist


Other Certificates

Datacamp Assosiate Data Scientist

Datacamp Data scientist professional

DataCamp Course Completion

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DataCamp | Invalid Date - Present


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data scientist in Professional datacamp | 2022
higher school in scienceLIttle step higher school | 2020

About Me

Bibash Ale

Data scientist on a mission to uncover insights, solve complex problems, and make data-driven decisions that drive progress. With fervent passion for data, I've embarked on continuous journey of self-improvement and exploration in this dynamic field.

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