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Benjamin Jaros

Benjamin Jaros

PhD Candidate

Clemson University


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Introduction to R

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Joining Data with dplyr

My New Workspace

Introduction to the Tidyverse

AI aficionado, dancing with algorithms in the realm of possibilities.

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Analyzing unicorn company data


Joining Data with dplyr


Introduction to the Tidyverse

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My Work Experience

Where I've interned and worked during my career.

Clemson University | Aug 2022 - Present

Head Teaching Assistant


Clemson University | Jan 2022 - Aug 2022

Graduate Teaching Assistant

• Taught two weekly discussion sections of Principles of Macroeconomics • Graded and assisted instruction in Principles of Macroeconomics for Dr. Bradley Hobbs (Spring 2022)
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Clemson University | Aug 2021 - Dec 2021

Graduate Research And Teaching Assistant

• Taught two weekly discussion sessions in Principles of Microeconomics (Fall 2021) • Graded and assisted instruction in Principles of Microeconomics for Dr. Andrew Hansen (Fall 2021) • Graded Exams for Public Choice and Principles of Microeconomics for Dr. Michael Makowsky (Fall 2021)

Clemson University | Jan 2021 - Aug 2021

Graduate Teaching Assistant

• Taught weekly Recitation Session in Intermediate Microeconomics (Spring 2021) • Graded and assisted instruction in Intermediate Microeconomics for Dr. Patrick Warren (Spring 2021)

Clemson University | Jul 2020 - Dec 2020

Graduate Grading Assistant

• Graded and assisted instruction in Intermediate Microeconomics for Dr. Patrick Warren (Fall 2020)

Economics Partners - A Ryan Company | May 2020 - Jul 2020

Transfer Pricing Intern

• Compiled, analyzed, and sorted data set on all Publicly Traded companies from 2000-2019. • Assisted Partner driven research to advance a white paper of the firm. • Analyzed existing Transfer Pricing Regulations and Methods of Estimating Economic Valuation on an asset over its Lifetime

Seton Hall University | Jan 2020 - May 2020

Research Assistant

Assistant to Economics and Legal Studies Department: • Evaluated, analyzed, and compiled a data set of all publications in Economic and Finance that used an Event Study as their empirical approach • Compiled data set on Industrial Organization of firms with accompanying graphics and supporting material

Crum & Forster | May 2019 - Aug 2019

Rotational Business Intern

• Evaluated the outputs from risk & premium raters in the Actuarial department to facilitate the improvement of the risk and premium calculations • Completed individual work on projects in Operations, Claims, and Underwriting departments

First Things Magazine | May 2018 - May 2019

Economic Research Assistant

• Synthesized economic data in tax law, demographics, and per capita expenditures • Developed scenarios considering the composition of treasury bonds, the Fed’s balance sheet, and quantitative easing to create economic projections for public policy • Contributed analysis on the yield curve and Treasury issuance during the 2008 Crisis

Auto-Owners Insurance | May 2018 - Aug 2018

Claims Representative Intern

• Consolidated technical information of a wide range of polices with endorsements and insights of Auto-Owners to quickly resolve the claims of our insured • Assessed and analyzed coverages to pay or deny losses of the insured up to 23k • Swiftly investigated and resolved single-party claims to help the team meet annual goals • Created appropriate reserves for resolving a claim through home-office finance

My Education

Take a look at my formal education

Doctor of Philosophy - PhD in EconomicsClemson University | 2025
Master of Arts - MA in EconomicsClemson University | 2022
Bachelor of Business Administration (B.S.), Magna Cum Laude  in EconomicsSeton Hall University | 2020
High School Diploma w/ Honors Holy Family High School | 2016

About Me

Benjamin Jaros

PhD candidate conducting research in Public Economics, specifically on tax and the cost~benefit analysis of tax and public finance. Skilled in Econometrics, Excel, R, Python, Stata, and Customer Service.

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