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Brandon Gillins

Brandon Gillins

Data Analyst

Optum HealthCare


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Optum | Sep 2022 - Present

Data Analyst

Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify and target HEDIS population for time-sensitive outreach measures and medication adherence initiatives. Effectively manage and prioritize time-sensitive reports, ensuring timely delivery of critical insights related to medication adherence and follow-up visits, contributing to improved patient outcomes. Leverage SQL, Python, and Microsoft Excel to extract, clean, and analyze data for identifying trends, patterns, and opportunities to improve healthcare outcomes. Design and implement automated processes using Python scripts to optimize daily tasks, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing manual effort. Execute targeted outreach campaigns through various channels, including text blasts and mailers, to engage and educate patients, fostering better healthcare practices. Continuously monitor and evaluate campaign performance, adjusting strategies as needed to maximize impact and achieve desired goals.
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Swickard Auto Group | Jan 2022 - Sep 2022

Data Analyst

Data Governance Program: I initiated a comprehensive data governance program aimed at enhancing our database design and implementing best practices to support the company's long-term growth plan. Cost-Savings Tracker: I designed and implemented a robust cost-savings tracker that effectively captured and monitored our new savings initiatives. This innovative tool contributed to realizing over $3 million in savings within the first year of implementation. Power BI Dashboards: I developed interactive and insightful Power BI dashboards that provided store balance sheet updates automatically, tracked employee sales progress of key items, and monitored sales performance using SQL. API Integration for Marketing: I collaborated with the marketing team to connect various APIs, such as CarGurus and Podium, which enabled us to track website traffic and make data-driven decisions for vehicle pricing.

Kay Jewelers | Sep 2012 - Apr 2021


Exceptional Sales Performance: I have consistently exceeded sales expectations, contributing to over 30% of the store's sales volume and helping to drive revenue growth. Top Sales Recognition: I was recognized as one of the top 20 sales associates out of 18,000 sales professionals across the company in 2013 and 2014, reflecting my dedication and expertise in the jewelry sales industry. Staff Management and Motivation: As an Assistant Manager, I conducted weekly staff meetings to motivate team members, address concerns and questions, plan improvements, and evaluate progress toward our store's goals.

Public School District | Jul 2016 - Jan 2021

High School Mathematics Teacher

ACT Test Scores Improvement: I successfully raised students' ACT test scores by four points within two years through the implementation of an enhanced math curriculum and tailored teaching instructions. Simplifying Complex Concepts: I consistently communicate complex mathematical concepts in easy-to-understand terms, adapting my teaching style to suit the individual needs of my students. Engaging Instruction: I employ various strategies to captivate students, using storytelling, enthusiasm, and passion to maintain their interest and motivation. Collaborative Content Development: I actively collaborate with colleagues to design and refine course content, offering constructive feedback on teaching styles and lesson plans to improve overall instructional quality. Online Instruction Support: I worked with fellow educators across the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic, offering assistance and training on how to effectively implement mathematics instruction in an online environment.

My Education

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Bachelors of Arts in MathematicsWestern Governors University | 2016

About Me

Brandon Gillins

I’m a Data professional with 1 year of experience in financial, marketing, and retail data analytics. I have helped my company capture US$ 3M+ in savings through tracking business practices and discovering inefficiencies.

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