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Brian McGarrity

Brian McGarrity

Institutional Research Analyst

Bellarmine University


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Introduction to SQL


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Bellarmine University | Jul 2023 - Present

Institutional Research Analyst


Wiley | Jul 2017 - Jun 2023

Fulfillment and Customer Service Supervisor

In my current role at Wiley my official title is Fulfillment and Customer Service Supervisor where I lead a small team that supports our front-line service staff but day to day I tend to wear many hats. While my role doesn’t directly deal with our customers, it is our job to dig into root cause issues and orchestrate the actions across teams that is required to get things fixed. Often that means translating from business speak into technical IT terminology and ensuring that what happens on the back end produces the needed outcome on the front end. Another large component of my role involves putting data and reporting into the hands of our peers so that they can do their jobs better. Often times this involves pulling data out of Salesforce and creating reports using Power BI, Excel, and PowerPoint. I’ve also led several efforts to increase the analytic and data acumen in our area, providing training on how to pull, analyze, and communicate findings from our reports and data. Additionally I also do some informal project management and business analysis work when we build out systems enhancements. I translate user stories into technical specifications and coordinate resources and timing across teams so that systems enhancements get done on time and within requirements. In general, what I enjoy so much about this job is that I am given freedom to be a problem solver. When there is a gap I am allowed to fill it which makes my days unpredictable yet exciting.
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Innovairre | Jul 2014 - Jul 2017

Production Assistant

During my time at Innovairre my primary focus on was operational efficiency and quality controls. My job was to support our machine operators to ensure what they produced met customer needs. My primary tool was Excel, and with that I was able to create many quality checks that helped machine operators check their work and reduce their error rates. I also created Excel Macros and processes that made my job more efficient and created documentation so that I could better train my back-ups and reduce single points of failure.

Seed to Oaks | Aug 2014 - Jul 2016

Urban Institute Intern

I really enjoyed my time with Seed to Oaks because I was able to work in an area I am passionate about: helping others. My role in the organization was to help other non-profits come in and support our at-risk communities by providing resources and contacts to make it easier for them to get started. The part I loved the most though was working directly with the kids. I was able to teach around 50 kids by helping them develop study skills and life skills that they may not have been able to learn elsewhere. I also organized a soccer camp one summer for about 20 kids so that they had a safe place to spend their day while also having fun with their friends.

Books-A-Million | Nov 2011 - Sep 2013

Department Head of Sale Books

I ran the “Sales Books” department where I helped customers find books they were looking for, created displays to market certain books, and ensured inventory was kept at appropriate levels based on demand. Return misplaced books and recover bookshelves

Journey Church | May 2011 - Jan 2013

Ministry Assistant

Reformat the discipleship principles and core values for the church Schedule people to serve on kids and production teams Serve alongside the team leaders for production and children’s ministry Utilize my administrative and service oriented skills

The Learning Center | Aug 2009 - May 2011

History and Religion Tutor

Help students with note taking and studying skills Inform students in areas of history and New and Old Testament Work with professors concerning materials taught in class Introduce my services to each class I tutored every semester

My Education

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Masters, Business Intelligence and Data AnalyticsSaint Mary's University of Minnesota | 2022
Bachelor of Science, History; ReligionCharleston Southern University | 2011

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