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Ehtisham Sadiq

Ehtisham Sadiq

Data Scientist



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My Work Experience

Where I've interned and worked during my career.

Self-employed | Sep 2022 - Present

Django Developer

As a Django Developer, I am responsible for building and maintaining web applications using the Django framework. This role requires expertise in Python programming language, database management, and web development concepts.
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Freelance | May 2022 - Present

Data Scientist

As a data scientist and ML engineer, I'm working on developing and deploying machine learning models to solve complex business problems. I have a strong understanding of statistics, data analysis, programming, machine-learning algorithms, and NLP related tasks.

Freelance | Aug 2021 - Present

Data Analyst

As a data analyst, I'm responsible for collecting, processing, and performing statistical analyses on large datasets to help organizations make data-driven decisions. I often use tools like SQL, Python, Excel, and data visualization software to present insights and recommendations to stakeholders or organizations.

Self-employed | Mar 2021 - Present

Python Developer

As a Python developer, my primary responsibility is to design and develop Python-based applications and systems that meet business requirements. I have a solid understanding of core Python concepts, libraries, and frameworks and am able to write clean, efficient, and scalable code.

My Education

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Bachelor's degree, Computer Software Engineering  · (October 2019 - JuneUniversity of the Punjab | 2023
Intermediate , Pre-EngineeringPunjab Group of College, Okara | 2019
Matriculation , Science District Public School & College Okara | 2017

About Me

Ehtisham Sadiq

A software engineer with a strong background in software development and programming. I have hands-on experience in various data analysis tools and techniques, such as Python, SQL, and machine learning algorithms.

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