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Jonathan Brooks

Jonathan Brooks


Portland State University | Portland, Oregon


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Mass to Drag by Density and Radii (Comparative Calculator)

My New Workspace

Dynamic Quorum in Python

My New Workspace

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Socioecological impact focus. Open to work.

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Mass to Drag by Density and Radii (Comparative Calculator)


Dynamic Quorum in Python


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Portland State University | Oct 2023 - Present

Environmental Science Undergrad

In this field, I'm being trained to analyze environmental quality and reason to management decisions that support public health and socioecological sustainability.
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Occupy Investing | Jul 2020 - Present

Activist Trader

This is a project I started over 6 years ago, on a mission to advocate ethical activism in our economic system and create a supplemental income stream. Proprietors hold power, yet reappropriation can be done legally, by taking possession via deft trading, rather than by largely symbolic and wasteful destruction. By applying ethical principles and analytical processes, trading the markets can be a powerful tool for activism. Data analytics and sciences are increasingly part of this project, so I've been upskilling for that and intending to create an app with a team in time.

New Seasons Market | May 2017 - Present

Produce Clerk

Feeding the masses the best produce with extensive local sourcing; this is essential work, and it involves a lot of heavy-lifting, physical and emotional.

Simington Gardens | Nov 2015 - Present

Organic Gardener

The farm owner had me design, develop, and routinize an expansion of daily operations. I catalyzed and managed the project, led market and technology research and strategy, and supplied most of the required labor.

Bark | Jan 2009 - Dec 2014


Door-to-door and street canvassing for Bark was a great opportunity to learn the layout of the Portland metro area, and to protect the forest ecosystems which make it such an amazing place to live. I'm attending Portland State University to complete my degree in Environmental Science, to support Bark in a more effective way.

My Education

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Bachelor in Environmental SciencePortland State University | 2026
Associate of Arts (A.A.)  in General StudiesPortland Community College | 2014

About Me

Jonathan Brooks

The pursuit of data science is, for me, a magnificent means to greater ends; I'm developing my data coding skills to advance ecological economics and social justice. I'm open to work on interesting projects in other areas, too.

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