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Jun Ru Dizon

Jun Ru Dizon

NLP analyst in Biomedicine

National Health Research Institutes


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Competition - hospital readmissions

Data detective, solving mysteries with analytical prowess.

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Data Manipulation with pandas


Investigating Netflix Movies and Guest Stars in The Office


Competition - hospital readmissions

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National Institute of Cancer Research, National Health Research | Jan 2023 - Present

Biomedical Natural Language Processing Analyst

• Utilized Python to calculate AI performance with scikit-learn package. • Analyzed 100+ cases from medical reports with 6 different cancer types using Python and Excel each week. • Discussed the strategy for improving AI performance with engineers and PM each week, which helped improve AI performance by 10% each month. • Annotated 1000 kidney reports each week, which helped build AI system for detecting keywords and reduce Nephrologists’ workload.
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Louise Dental Clinic | Aug 2021 - Oct 2022

Dental Assistant

• Prepared trays with the necessary supplies, provided materials requested by the dentist, dried patient’s mouth by suctioning and took clear and high-quality dental radiographs. • Provided care for 20+ patients per week, wrote 20+ pages of S.O.P., and trained 2 new assistants.

National Taiwan University | Jul 2020 - Oct 2022

Research Assistant

• Applied molecular biological techniques to discover the overexpressed gene that promotes Gastric Cancer. • Through Excel, I organized every week 120+ medical records with colorectal polyps for the application of AI in pathological section features of cancerous colorectal polyps.

My Education

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Master of Science - MS, Pathology/Experimental Pathology  · (SeptemberNational Taiwan University | 2022
Teacher Education Program, High-School Biology  · (September 2015 - JuneNational Central University | 2018
Bachelor of Science - BS, Life Science National Central University | 2018

About Me

Jun Ru Dizon

I am Taiwanese and I major in Biology in undergrad and Pathology in grad school. My current job is working on error analysis on annotation on medical report. This is my first time working in artificial intelligence field so that is why I am here!

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