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Carlos Horta

Carlos Horta


Data Analyst

TripleTen Latam | Mexico City


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Data Analyst

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Food Practices of Male Adolescent Students in a High School in Hermosillo, Sonora

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Customer Churn Forecasting at Interconnect

Data Analyst | Data Science | Supply Chain | Project Management | Public Health | Social Research | Food Practices | Let's dive into data together! 🚀

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Customer Churn Forecasting at Interconnect


Exploring the dietary practices of young male people in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico: Introduction and research context | by Carlosgim | Medium


Desafío Data Science - YouTube


Food Practices of Male Adolescent Students in a High School in Hermosillo, Sonora

My Certifications

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Data Literacy

Data Literacy

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DataCamp Data Literacy Skill Verification

Coderhouse Data Analytics Career

Coderhouse Tableau

Coderhouse Data Processing in Excel

TripleTen Data Scientist Bootcamp

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My Work Experience

Where I've interned and worked during my career.

TripleTen LatAm | Sep 2022 - Aug 2023

Data Scientist Jr.

-Participated in a Data Science boot camp focused on Python, data analysis, and machine learning. -Developed skills in Python and the use of pandas for data manipulation and processing. -Acquired knowledge in descriptive statistics and probability theory for exploratory analysis and hypothesis testing. -Utilized SQL to retrieve and work with data in online databases. -Implemented supervised and unsupervised machine learning for classification, regression, and clustering. -Worked on time series analysis, computer vision, and text processing using vectorization and neural networks. -Learned Libraries: Python, SQL, pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, PySpark, Jupyter Notebook, Git, Slack, Trello, Google Analytics, Zoom, Discord, Tableau, Power BI.
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Diagnoquim | Mar 2015 - Dec 2022

Project Director

-Successfully led the "Dry Chemistry" project at ISSSTE ($250 million MXN), ensuring timely delivery of equipment and supplies to 70 laboratories in 21 states, meeting SLAs and KPIs. -Collaborated on national and international tenders, delivering medical equipment to 150 Ministry of Health warehouses ($300 million MXN). -Developed dashboards in Power BI and Tableau to present project information to superiors and stakeholders. -Efficiently resolved escalated customer inquiries and managed the Cervical Cancer project at the Navy Secretariat, supervising equipment installation and delivering cancer detection tests. -Maintained constant and effective communication with all stakeholders, leading Public Health projects and establishing health and safety protocols. -Identified trends and made data-informed decisions based on data analysis, implementing SARS-CoV-2 control projects in schools and businesses. -Drove improvements and optimized processes, supporting senior management projects aligned with the company's strategic goals. -Developed improvement projects focused on efficiency and cost savings, ensuring the supply of potable water to community kitchens in 10 states in collaboration with DICONSA.

Subsecretary of Integration and Development of the Health Sector of the Ministry of Health | Aug 2013 - Mar 2015


-Created programs to improve services at ISSSTE Regional Hospitals in seven key areas, including evaluation, operation, supervision, processes and certification, equipment and property management, services and hospital coverage, human capital development, and health intelligence. -Developed projects aimed at strengthening the network of services and coverage of third-level healthcare units. Ensured the efficiency of the Institute in providing health services through the implementation of a network integration approach. -Directly participated in the evaluation of the "Program for Incentives for Personnel Working in Geographically Dispersed or Underdeveloped Communities." My role involved transparency in the use of public resources in program implementation and proposing improvements for optimization.

Amerm Distribuciones | Jan 2012 - Aug 2013

Bidding Manager

-Efficiently managed the company, overseeing all operations and ensuring the achievement of established objectives. Managed financials, human resources, and logistics to maintain optimal functioning. -Prepared proposals to participate in national tenders for medicines and medical supplies. From proposal creation to invoice delivery and collection, I managed the entire cycle, ensuring competitiveness and quality of our offers. -Actively contributed to the successful opening of new branches in Querétaro and Baja California. Led efforts to establish and expand our presence in these markets, coordinating logistics, personnel hiring, and operational process implementation.

Center for Health and Society Studies at El Colegio de Sonora | Jan 2009 - Dec 2009

Academic Assistant

Captured and maintained bibliographic databases in Procite on topics such as cervical cancer, diabetes, migration, masculinities, and public health. -Supported the analysis of press information on migration and health. -Assisted in the search for bibliographic materials in libraries and online for research and teaching projects. -Participated in the development of a project on childhood obesity. -Collaborated in the creation of educational and outreach materials, including the use of new technologies. -Edited the research report "Preventing Avoidable Health Damage in Mexico: An Evaluation of COFEPRIS Performance, 2008."

My Education

Take a look at my formal education

Data Science Bootcamp in Data Scientist Jr.TripleTen (formerly Practicum) | 2023
Data Analytics Career in Data AnalyticsCoderhouse | 2022
Master of Social Sciences in Sociocultural Studies of HealthThe College of Sonora (El Colegio de Sonora) | 2011
Diploma in Health Promotion in Public HealthNational Institute of Public Health (Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública de México) | 2011
Bachelor of Communication Sciences in Educational CommunicationUniversity of Sonora (Universidad de Sonora) | 2008

About Me

Carlos Horta

Experienced data scientist skilled in Python, SQL, Tableau, and Power BI. Proven healthcare project leader with a GitHub portfolio. Let's connect and drive data-driven impact!

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