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Leo Cassius

Leo Cassius


Data Analyst

Kaverto Media Ltd. | Limassol, Cyprus


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Data Analyst Professional

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Introduction to Python

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Dr. Semmelweis and the Discovery of Handwashing

Analytics maestro, transforming raw data into symphonies of knowledge.

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The GitHub History of the Scala Language


Exploring the History of Lego


Predicting Credit Card Approvals

My Certifications

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Data Analyst Professional

Data Analyst Professional

Other Certificates

International Management Institute Berlin Mini-MBA

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

DataCamp Professional Data Analyst Certificate

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SaaS Company | Jun 2022 - Present

Data Analyst

In my current role, I analyze company data using tools such as Excel, Tableau, SQL, and Python to provide insights on my team's performance, as well as process relevant financial and business-related data for stakeholders. This role allowed me to greatly improve my competencies in skills such as data modeling, trend analysis, and predictive analytics. Not only that, but I also conducted market research, which helped me gain expertise in market segmentation, competitive analysis, and customer profiling. Additionally, evaluating campaign performance allowed me to excel in ROI analysis, A/B testing, and performance optimization. One of my favorite parts of the job was automating reports and monitoring KPIs and business metrics such as ROI, customer acquisition, and retention. It was thrilling to see how small changes to our marketing strategies could have a significant impact on these metrics and help us achieve measurable business goals. To analyze large datasets, I used a variety of tools, including Python, SQL, and Tableau. These allowed me to extract, transform, and analyze data to provide data-driven insights to my stakeholders, such as the marketing team, cross-functional teams, and upper management. Through my contributions, I was able to help Kaverto Media increase revenue and market share.
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Quadcode | Sep 2019 - Jan 2022

Business Partnerships Manager

In this role, I worked on optimizing marketing strategies to improve customer acquisition and revenue growth. My team and I developed robust strategies, handpicked high-quality partners, and meticulously monitored performance to maximize conversions and ROI. Other than that, I also worked a lot with cross-functional teams, providing counsel and guidance on partner relationship best practices, fostering effective communication, and aligning campaign objectives according to business goals. Part of my approach included staying ahead of the competition through careful analysis and leveraging emerging trends to seize new opportunities. During this time, I also implemented new reporting and tracking mechanisms to help my team improve, using data-driven insights to make informed decisions and continuously refine marketing strategies. Ultimately, this allowed us to drive significant revenue growth with our new strategy and improved monitoring.

Latin American Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences | Sep 2017 - Aug 2018

Junior Research Analyst

As a Junior Analyst, I gained experience in conducting research, analyzing data, and scraping information for projects related to the economics of Latin America, the economic ties between Russia and Brazil, and the economics of BRICS countries. Key accomplishments include: 1. Conducting research and analysis of economic data from historical documents and local sources for relevant projects and studies; 2. Translating academic papers on economic issues from Portuguese and Spanish to Russian, with a strong focus on data analytics.

My Education

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B. Sc. in EconomicsHigher School of Economics | 2018

About Me

Leo Cassius

I am a data analyst with 3 years of experience in finance, working with SQL, Python and Tableau. I have experience in anti-fraud and marketing analytics as well.

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