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Carmen  Gomez Valenzuela

Carmen Gomez Valenzuela

Financial Controller

Spanish Public Healthcare System | Spain


Computer Engineer working with data in Spanish public healthcare system

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Hospital Universitario Torrecárdenas | Apr 2024 - Present

Head of Financial Management Control Service

I oversee a wide range of responsibilities aimed at enhancing organizational effectiveness through data-driven methodologies. This includes conducting thorough data analysis and crafting comprehensive reports using advanced statistical methods and data visualization tools such as Python, R, and Power BI. These tools are pivotal for analyzing results and guiding strategic decisions. Additionally, I employ storytelling techniques in executive reports to ensure clear communication of insights and recommendations. As the leader of the Management Control Service, I guide a team in leveraging these tools and techniques for performance improvement. In addition to these tasks, I establish internal audit and control mechanisms in budget management, covering risk assessment, control activities, and information systems. Machine learning models play a crucial role in risk analysis, financial planning, and budget forecasting, enhancing accuracy and predictive capabilities. Collaboratively, we maintain and enhance process maps, analyzing operational procedures based on data insights to streamline workflows and enhance efficiency. I also oversee the submission of expenditure documentation requested by regulatory bodies, ensuring accuracy and compliance through meticulous data analysis and effective control measures. Furthermore, I work closely with CPC Management to develop Financial Economic Plans, utilizing data-driven insights to inform strategic financial decision-making.
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Distrito Sanitario Poniente de Almería | Aug 2023 - Mar 2024

Head of Economic-Financial Management Service

As the leader of the economic and financial management service, I oversee the following tasks to enhance operational efficiency and compliance: -Develop the draft budget for operational and pharmaceutical expenses using advanced data analysis in R and Python, and machine learning models to forecast and optimize budget allocations. -Conduct monitoring analysis and generate comprehensive reports, leveraging data visualization tools such as Power BI to create dashboards. -Prepare detailed reports, manage payroll, and input information for the Analytical Accounting System, ensuring accuracy through data validation techniques. -Develop Consumption Agreements for Clinical Management Units and generate monthly monitoring reports using data analytics to track and optimize consumption patterns. -Prepare Efficiency Plans for controlling expenditures, utilizing data-driven insights to identify cost-saving opportunities. -Diagnose and monitor quality, and oversee execution control in the administrative contracting of services and works. -Participate in planning and prioritizing investment needs in facilities, infrastructure, and equipment, using data analysis to inform strategic decision- making. -Contribute to the preparation of specifications governing services and works contracts. -Participate in various quality accreditation, auditing, and certification processes. -Manage the maintenance of facilities, infrastructure, and electromedical equipment, ensuring compliance with current regulations.

Distrito Sanitario Poniente de Almería | Feb 2015 - Jul 2023

Lead Technician for the Economic Analysis Service

As a Technical Lead in the Economic Analysis Service, I led a team in the following tasks: - Conducting in-depth economic analysis to support strategic financial planning and decision-making. We used Python, R, and SQL for advanced statistical methods and data analytics. - Utilizing statistical methods and data analytics tools such as Python, R, and SAS to analyze financial data and generate actionable insights. These insights informed our strategic initiatives and optimized financial operations. - Preparing and presenting detailed financial reports to senior management. We employed storytelling techniques and data visualization tools like Power BI. - Developing and implementing budget forecasts, ensuring accurate and reliable financial projections. This involved the use of machine learning models in Python (using libraries like Scikit-learn and TensorFlow) for enhanced predictive capabilities. - Collaborating with cross-functional teams to enhance financial performance and operational efficiency through data-driven strategies. - Monitoring and analyzing expenditure patterns to identify cost-saving opportunities and optimize resource allocation. We used data visualization tools to create comprehensive dashboards for real-time tracking. - Ensuring compliance with financial regulations and internal policies through rigorous audit and control mechanisms. This included the application of Python, R, and Excel for audit analytics and risk assessment.

Área de Gestión Sanitaria Norte de Málaga | Feb 2013 - Jan 2015

Head of Clinical Management Support Service

held a multifaceted role that extended beyond healthcare administration. My role involved: -Overseeing the Department of Information Technology and Communications Infrastructure: I ensured the efficient operation and ongoing development of our IT systems. This included managing both the hardware and software components. -Leading the implementation of the digital health record system: I spearheaded this pivotal project, from planning and execution to training staff and monitoring system performance post-implementation. This initiative significantly enhanced our ability to manage patient data securely and efficiently. -Supervising the IT infrastructure team: I directed a skilled team responsible for maintaining and upgrading our IT infrastructure. This involved setting priorities, troubleshooting issues, and ensuring system resilience and reliability. -Conducting data analysis and generating executive dashboards: I leveraged tools such as Power BI, Python, and R to analyze vast amounts of healthcare data. I created comprehensive dashboards that provided executive management with actionable insights, facilitating informed decision-making. -Bridging administrative operations and technological advancements: My role required a deep understanding of both healthcare administration and IT. I worked to integrate technological solutions that improved administrative efficiency, data security, and overall patient care.

Distrito Sanitario Poniente de Almería | May 2007 - Feb 2013

Lead Technician of the Information and IT Systems Unit

As the Lead Technician of the Information and IT Systems Unit, my role encompassed a range of critical functions aimed at enhancing healthcare operations: - Digitalization Efforts: I oversaw the digitalization process, ensuring that healthcare data and records were efficiently digitized, enabling easier access, retrieval, and analysis. - Implementation of Network and Telecommunications Systems: I played a pivotal role in the implementation and management of robust network and telecommunications systems. This infrastructure facilitated efficient communication and data sharing across healthcare facilities. - Team Management: I managed a dedicated team of engineers and technicians, providing leadership, guidance, and support to ensure the successful execution of projects and tasks related to information systems and technologies. - Dashboard Creation and Data Analysis: I was responsible for creating dashboards and conducting data analysis. These tools provided valuable insights into healthcare operations and outcomes, enabling informed decision- making at the executive level. - Report Generation: I generated comprehensive reports for the executive leadership team, offering in-depth analysis of data trends, system performance, and other critical metrics. These reports were instrumental in shaping strategic decisions and improving healthcare services.

SOLUTIO OUTSOURCING SA | Oct 2006 - May 2007

Systems and Database Administrator at Torrecárdenas University Hospital

As an ICT System and Database Administrator in a hospital setting, I collaborated with a team to ensure smooth operations and efficient IT management: - Maintenance and Configuration: I maintained and configured computer and network systems, overseeing updates, hardware maintenance, and troubleshooting. - System Upgrades and Automation: I managed upgrades, automated tasks, and developed custom programs to enhance efficiency and minimize errors. - Technical Support: I provided technical assistance to hospital staff, resolving issues promptly and supporting user training. - System Security and Integrity: I implemented security measures, conducted backups, and protected systems from cyber threats. - Performance Monitoring: I monitored IT performance, identified areas for improvement, and implemented enhancements. - Backup and Recovery: I ensured robust backup procedures and disaster recovery plans were in place to safeguard critical data.

Grupo Hispatec Informática Empresarial, S.A. | Feb 2005 - Sep 2006

Information Technology Analyst

Responsibilities included the maintenance and development of Cajamar's online Broker and Electronic Banking services within the Liabilities department

Visual Chart Group | Jan 2003 - Jan 2005

Software Developer

Implementation of the investment department involved the development, using Visual Studio .NET, of interfaces with major national and international stock markets and securities firms. These interfaces facilitated automated stock and derivatives trading through Visual Chart. Additionally, I provided technical support to investors and securities firms in both English and Spanish, addressing their technical inquiries and concerns.

Universidad de Granada | Jun 2002 - Dec 2002

System Administrator

Administration of the WebCT e-learning platform server (on Linux) and the CEVUG website, including the creation and management of the educational resources database, electronic editing of teaching content for online training, and conducting in-person technology training sessions for the faculty at the University of Granada.

My Education

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Master of Science - MS, Biomathematics, Bioinformatics, and Computational BiologyUniversitat Oberta de Catalunya | 2018
BSc + MSc in Computer Science and Engineering, Computer Science and EngineeringUniversidad de Granada | 2002

About Me

Carmen  Gomez Valenzuela

Computer Engineer working with data in Spanish public health system

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