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Chi Yang

Chi Yang


Data Analyst

Norfolk State University | Virginia


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Norfolk State University | Sep 2015 - Present


1. Led a group project for the Department of Energy and Department of Defense, designing and synthesizing advanced materials while providing hands-on training and mentorship to graduate student researchers. 2. Proficient in automating data collection, managing databases, and conducting thorough data analysis using various software including Python, Excel, and R. Skilled in creating impactful data visualizations to present findings. 3. Conducted molecular dynamics simulations using state-of-the-art software such as Gaussian and Python, producing valuable insights into the behavior of complex systems. 4. Utilized openai to streamline citation checks and optimize research manuscripts for enhanced impact. Skilled in effective manuscript editing and proofreading techniques to ensure scholarly excellence.
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University of North Texas | Dec 2004 - Sep 2015

Research Associate Professor

Research and Graduate Students Advising, include: 1) Organic semiconductors for OLED and TFT Devices; 2) Supramolecular Chemistry of Au(I), Ag(I) and Cu(I) complexes; 3) Negative thermal expansion materials; 4) Superhydrophobic Fluorous Metal-Organic Frameworks; 5) Hydrogen storage materials 6) Carbon adsorption materials 7) X-ray crystal structure determination and 3D visualization; 8) Molecular spectroscopy and thin-film engineering

Guangdong University of Technology | Jun 1996 - Nov 2004

Assistant / Associate Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Teaching “Advanced Inorganic Chemistry”; “Molecular Spectroscopy”. Research and Students Advising: 1) Dendritic supramolecules; 2) Luminescent Lanthanide Complexes. These research projects were supported by the National Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 20105003), the Major State Basic Research Development Program of China (G2000077503), and the NSF of Guangdong (980128). Teaching “Advanced Inorganic Chemistry” ‘Electroanalytical Chemistry” & “Organometallic Chemistry”. Research and Students Advising: 1) OLED devices based on lanthanides; 2) Highly phosphorescent materials under ambient conditions. These research projects were supported by the National Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 20105003, and the NSF of Guangdong (974174 and 980128).

Peking University | Mar 2002 - Mar 2004

Postdoctoral Fellow


The University of Hong Kong | Jan 2000 - Jan 2001

Postdoctoral Research


My Education

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Data Scientist Certificate in Data Sciencedatacamp.com | 2021
Ph.D, Inorganic Chemistry SUN YAT-SEN University, Guangzhou, China | 1996
M.S. , Analytical ChemistryNorthwest Normal University, Lanzhou, China | 1993
B.S. , ChemistryNorthwest Normal University, Lanzhou, China | 1990

About Me

Chi Yang

As a data scientist, I am deeply committed to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in data analysis and statistics. My mastery of SAS, SQL, Python, and R allows me to take on any data challenge and deliver impactful results.

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