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Christoffer Hemmingsson

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Professional Data Analyst

Professional Data Analyst

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My Work Experience

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Uppsala University | Sep 2019 - Dec 2019

Research Assistant

Designed and conducted mineral synthesis experiments to model Si and Ni isotopic uptake during co-precipitation of ferrihydrite. Followed by mineral (SEM-EDS, Raman, FT-IR, TEM) and chemical characterization (ICP-MS). This work was conducted at the Institute for Planetary Materials, Okayama University, in Misasa, Japan.
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Stockholm University | Oct 2014 - Present

PHD Student

Researched Early Proterozoic Ocean chemistry based on natural samples and empirical experimental models for the purpose of hypothesizing the effect on the early evolution of life. This work involved designing mineral synthesis experiments as well as extensive mineral and chemical characterization. • Designed and conducted mineral synthesis and adsorption experiments. • Performed mineral analysis (ESEM, Raman) in-house and at the Swedish Natural History Museum (NRM) (FT-IR, PXRD). • Supervised and taught multiple laboratory assistants. • Designed and led student laboratory exercises. • Conducted sequential extraction and purification of natural samples for isotopic analysis at NRM. Awarded the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science summer program to conduct a project designed by me on co-precipitation and isotopic uptake. At the Institute for Planetary Materials, (Okayama University), Misasa, Japan. Also conducted chemical and mineralogical characterization (ICP-MS, Raman, FT-IR, SEM, & TEM), and isotopic purification of samples.

Stockholm University | Oct 2014 - Dec 2017

Teaching Assistant

Designed and executed a course plan aimed at final year high-school students together with their main teachers. The course was conducted while studying an arctic wetland during sep-dec at Abisko, subarctic research station. Gas sample analysis was conducted with GC-MS for methane and field IRGA for carbon dioxide, while botanical data was collected using a grid system together with plant classification to distinguish between different areas of interest. • Lectured in preparation for fieldwork and sample acquisition • Led discussions on formulating a hypothesis and conduct hypothesis testing • Led discussions on data analysis/interpretation related to greenhouse gas emissions This work was aimed at helping students in developing individual hypotheses for student science projects, collect and interpret relevant data, the 'how to' of writing a field notebook, analysing data and drawing conclusions. This course was immensely appreciated by both students and main teachers that it was taught for multiple years.

Stockholm University | Oct 2014 - Oct 2015

Teaching Assistant

Coordinated student lab work for environmental geochemistry, part of the BSc program in Geoscience. Designed experiments, method testing, creating instructions, overseeing lab work and sample analysis with ESEM-EDX (Environmental scanning electron microscope - electron dispersive x-ray) for sample homogeneity and elemental analysis.

Skansen Akvariet | Apr 2012 - Dec 2014

Extra personnel

Greeting visitors and supplying information of exhibits, detailed information of various animals not necessarily in exhibition. Cleaning of surfaces for public use and animal care. Open of store and open & close procedures for exhibitions. Handling of Tarantulas and Boa constrictor in the display for visitors.

Stockholm University | Mar 2014 - Mar 2014

Research Assistant

Production of liquid phase to solid phase samples for analysis of isotopic fractionation.

Stockholm University | Jun 2013 - Oct 2013

Field Assistant

The collection and analysis of greenhouse gas emissions in lake surface waters. General maintenance of automated systems using LGR, conducting measurements on a mire.

McDonald's Corporation | May 2009 - Jul 2011

Crew / Crew Trainer

Open and closing procedures of kitchen, registers and dining areas. Handling of cash and preparation of food.

Britax | Oct 2006 - Jul 2007

Ware house personel

Order picking, organising of bar codes, in- and out delivery to ware house and in the computer system.

My Education

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Master of Science (MSc) Thesis in GeochemistryStockholm University | 2014
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Geoscience / GeochemistryStockholm University | 2013
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Marine BiologyJames Cook University | 2011

About Me

Christoffer Hemmingsson

Professional Scientist coming from an interdisciplinary background in Marine Biology to Experimental Geochemistry. Having done a PhD in Geochemistry working in Astrobiology and Teaching Climate Change Science for several years.

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